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The Phoenix Federation

King Death II

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The Phoenix Federation Announcement

I'm proud to announce that TPF has risen from the ashes that was Round 3 to be born back into round 4. A few announcements:

Our Forums: www.tpfte.22web.net

IRC Chan: #tpfte on coldfront

Our Gov:

Overlord: Burning Glory

Underlord: Bionic Redhead

Phoenix of Foreign Affairs: King Death II

Phoenix of Internal Affairs: JonBoy and Pendragon

General of Defense: BEazy

Our Charter:

The Phoenix Federation Charter

The Phoenix Federation Government

The government shall consist of 5 official positions.



Phoenix of Foreign Affairs

Phoenixe of Internal Affairs

General of Defense

The Overlord of The Phoenix Federation is the highest in command of the alliance.

The Underlord of The Phoenix Federation is second in command of the alliance and can carry out all the duties of the Overlord to keep The Phoenix Federation safe when the Overlord is not present.

Phoenix of Foreign Affairs is in charge of helping the Overlord with TPF’s diplomatic relations, treaties and diplomats. The PoFA shall maintain the forum and all embassies in the forum and shall be the official spokesperson of The Phoenix Federation. The PoFA can also appoint a deputy.

Phoenix of Internal Affairs is in charge of helping the Overlord with TPF’s recruitment, members and the sending of messages to the members. There will be two PoIA’s and is allowed to appoint deputies, and internal affairs staff.

General of Defense is in charge of helping the Overlord with TPF’s military structure, and (s)he is allowed to approve targets for war and espionage. The GoD is allowed to appoint military staff to assist in organizing the military.

Rules of the Phoenix Federation

1. The members of The Phoenix Federation can raid any alliance that TPF is not allied with.

a. Rules for raiding:

i. Members must only do two ground attacks

ii. Immediately following the ground attacks, members must offer peace.

2. All members of The Phoenix Federation shall keep their Alliance Affiliation as The Phoenix Federation

3. Nuclear Strike Policy: If The Phoenix Federation gets attacked, and then all members are authorized to use nuclear retaliation. If The Phoenix Federation attacks another alliance offensively then nukes ARE NOT allowed to be used in the first attacks.

4. No member of The Phoenix Federation shall be part of any other alliance while they retain membership in The Phoenix Federation.

5. No member of The Phoenix Federation shall spy on any alliance or pass classified information to any alliance or third party.

6. All members of The Phoenix Federation shall follow Cybernations rules in game and in CN forums. Members failing to do this will be removed from The Phoenix Federation.

7. Have fun. This is only a game.

Edited by King Death II
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