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Disbanding an Empire, creating a Pact. MDOAP + Extensive Cooperation.

Maelstrom Vortex

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1. Signatories agree not to war with each other.

2. Signatories of this treaty agree to free trade.

3. Signatories of this treaty grant freedom of military movement through their sovereign domains for any reason.

4. Signatories of this treaty agree to allow the free flow of capital financing between their respective nations in terms of private investment and ownership.

5. Signatories of this treaty agree to share intelligence of any geostrategic threats to their partners as soon as they become aware.

6. Signatories of this treaty pledge to co-operate in scientific research and development. (ooc: This allows Signatories to take advantage of a tech-sharing option if they wish and it would be beneficial. Please consult the tech-sharing formula in my signature.)

7. This treaty may be canceled anytime with a 24 hours Notice.

8. The signatories of this treaty pledge to protect each other at all costs during times of a defensive Crisis. We were brothers and sisters before, we are brothers and sisters even now.

9. The signatories of this treaty pledge to diplomatic co-operation in all areas allowing the Chairman of Dragonisia to guide Diplomatic protocols with the assistance of the Leader of the Cholan Empire, Megan Fox, should she sign this treaty.

10. The signatories of this treaty pledge to assist each other in the event of internal strife, in order to provide security for their governments and the peace of mind of their peoples.

11. The signatories of this treaty agree to respect each others national laws and jurisdictions where appropriate.

12. The signatories of this treaty agree to the use of one standardized currency, the Talon, for economic co-operation inter-state.. and may print their own local domestic currency also.

13. The signatories of this treaty agree to consult each other before performing any military or intelligence operation to ensure that the popular will of the Leviathan Accords membership is being fulfilled.

14. The signatories of this treaty agree to share military radar and infrastructure networks so as to increase the overall global vision of Leviathan Accord members.

15. The Signatories pledge to come to each others aid in the time of crisis.

16. It is understood the levels of cooperation in this treaty are the mandatory levels. Members may go above and beyond the call of this treaty if they so chose in assisting each other at any time in any way.

18. In the event of an offensive action against another non-treaty member, all nations of this treaty may come to the assistance of the aggressor signatory if they deem the war for a cause they feel appropriate.

19. Signatories agree to assist each other financially if able or willing, when in times of crisis or need.

Maelstrom Vortex,

-- Chairman of Council of Dragonisia

The New Taiwanese Empire;

--Nebu II, Emperor

Neo Olympia,

Vasili Markov

Signed for Blackwoods, this 10th day of February 2009,

Lennox Crispington, Leader.

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