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Scandinavian Union Meeting

Sarah Tintagyl

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Members of the Scandinavian Union, it has been brought to our attention that the Mariehamm Corporation wishes to buy the Aaland Islands located in the Northern Baltic. This area was there's prior to conflict and they were forced off, but in this time of peace wish to return to the island and are willing to pay for the territory. The Hansa moves to pass ownership of the island to the company at no further cost to them, if it was their island before it should be their island presently. I imagine that you will all agree, but a majority vote will decide. If the other members could please cast their ballots.

Voting Passing Aaland Island to Mariehamm Inc.

Yes: 3

No: 1

Abstain: 0

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While Molakia is not of the SU, it is in our region and we feel this is the best place to state this: We hope to our founder that this is not going to happen. Any remnant of Uberstein, even a company, should be wiped from Europa until the end of time. It is bad enough they captured our Former President (Who is still MIA), but they brought untold horror to the region by proxy.

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I believe on Franzharia has to vote still, so hopefully we will have a decision soon.

Usually, this would need a unanimous vote, but this party is willing to waive it.

Would Mariehamm industries be willing to join the Scandinavian Union as a protectorate?

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Lars chuckled, "I can see why you would be apprehensive. I can respect that. Basically, all it would be is that if Mariehamm Island got bombed or attacked, we would come to your aid, mainly because we're all nice people I can assume. Hardly enslavement."

"Hmm, write up a contract and I'll make my decision then."

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