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First Hell was chilly, now it's frozen solid

Lord Frost

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Midway Island

Lt. Tatsyuo stood straight on his side of the room, guarding on entryway to the incredibly bare and gray room, all except for a table in the middle, two figures hunched over it. He caught the eye of the Irish Lt. across from him, on the other side of the room, guarding the other entryway. They both glared at each other, each filled with unbridled wrath and hatred for the other. Tatsyuo thought the Irishman was an unimposing man, and the reddish-blonde hair he found particularly disgusting. The Irisher was thinking along similar lines, noting the funny eyes and disturbingly black hair of Tatsyuo, and riled with anger at the sight of the small Red and Gold star, identifying Tatsyuo as a member of the CPJ (Communist Party of Japan).

They both stared at each other, neither blinking, both men trying to vent their anger at each other by trying to out-stare the other. They both blinked at the same time, angering the pair further.

Tatsyuo looked at the Private on his right side, who was also tense. The hatred in the air was thick, so thick that if one of the guards dared, they could pull out their combat knives and cut it and paint the walls red with it.

"Well, done then!" said Frost contentedly, destroying the silence that had held the room.

All 4 guards sprang at the sudden noise, raising their guns and pointing them at each other.

Public Announcement

In the interest of Pacific solidarity and peace, the Empire of the Rising Sun, Neo Japan, and the Republic of Tahoe do hereby enter into the following Friendship treaty:

1. Signatories agree not to war with each other.

2. Signatories of this treaty grant freedom of military movement through their sovereign domains so long as the intent is solely transit.

3. Signatories of this treaty agree to allow the free flow of capitol financing between their respective nations in terms of private investment and ownership.

4. Signatories of this treaty agree to share intelligence of any geostrategic threats to their partners as soon as they become aware.

5. Signatories of this treaty pledge to co-operate in scientific research and development.

6.This treaty may be canceled anytime with a 24 hours Notice.


Emperor Raiyku Shinje "Frost"

Empress Kimi Shinje

The Royal Court

For Tahoe

President Sean O'Deaghaidh

Prime Minister Kieran Kelly

The Senate of the Tahoe Republic

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Needless to say the most calm, reliable guards that could be found in Tahoe were brought and even they almost killed the Japanese. Luckily the Taoiseach decided not to bring his usual guards.

We congratulate our Neo Japanese......erm....ummm....what are you.............hmmm........lets go with...aquaintences on this treaty.


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This times its not just 'mild interest!!!' :o

OOC: Well, when you consider that Neo Japan's ruling body is composed of Communists, and Tahoe has a fanatical hatred of anyone calling themselves communist or socialist, yeah, it's gonna be more than passing interest...

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