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TFD and Zenith Joint Announcement


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As you may know, TFD and Zenith entered, 10 days ago, the Race to Four Million Agreement. Article II of the said agreemen contains:

Article Two: Status Updates

The two alliances agree to create joint threads on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of every month detailing the status of their alliances's growth. TFD shall post the announcement on the 1st and Zenith shall post on the 15th.

Which brings us here to this announcement :)

Let's start by Zenith:

Last Week Stats


This Week Stats


Taking a look at it, we can observe that Zenith had some interesting growth these last ten days in:

  • 8900 infrastructure
  • 5200 technology

Which, excluding Military and Land purchases, totals 67 580 NS of growth and an increase of score of 0.23 points. On Average, Zenith grew 824 NS per member.

Onto TFD :D

Last Week Stats


This Week Stats


Let's check TFD growth this week:

  • 23 200 infrastructure
  • 6500 technology

Excluding Military purchases and Land acquisitions, the raise in infrastructure and tech has made TFD grow a total of 133 945 NS and 0.41 Points of Score . On Average, TFD's growth per member is 978 NS.

Conclusion: Both TFD and Zenith had a nice growth these last 10 days. TFD moved slightly ahead of Zenith due probably to larger member count. TFD's average growth has also been slightly larger. But since growth is anything but linear this game, I am pretty sure we'll see many surprises. Hopefully by next Update we will see TFD with 3 million NS and Zenith with 2 million. Or more ;)

Overall, I think it's agreable TFD has won this first round. Onto the next!

Next update will be brought by Zenith.

o/ TFD

o/ Zenith

o/ competition

o/ friendship

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