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  1. Very disappointing Umbrella. I had a lot of respect for you guys. Looks like now though you have become that which you originally fought against. Sad day indeed.
  2. Who ever thought NPO would be playing the roll of good guy. My how times have changed. Give them hell Pacifica.
  3. Awesome stuff. Congrats guys. Very nice to see our mutual friends getting close as well.
  4. I have always heard good things about STA. After reading this announcement my respect for STA has gone up substantially. Classy group.
  5. [quote name='Beefspari' date='21 July 2010 - 06:27 AM' timestamp='1279690023' post='2382125'] It's not just about entertainment, but about profit. There wouldn't be much profit in attacking an alliance our size, so there wouldn't be any point to tech raiding them. [/quote] You profit until you hit around 15k. Then people start retaliating. Past 25-30k you got people with nukes who we all know will use them. Profit is gone. One tech raid gone wrong and your back to where you started. With the most likely scenario that you could have grown your nation faster without tech raiding. I neve
  6. [quote name='ktarthan' date='21 July 2010 - 06:04 AM' timestamp='1279688662' post='2382100'] I really wish the "anti-raiders" would make up their mind on the bolded points. It honestly does confuse me. [/quote] "Pick on someone your own size." Yes tech raid an alliance of comparable size to your own and make things interesting. Not the micro alliances who have option 1 take their beating and run away when your finished or option 2 fight back and be crushed. I don't understand how tech raiding people like that can possibly be entertaining. To each his own though.
  7. [quote name='mrwuss' date='21 July 2010 - 04:33 AM' timestamp='1279683169' post='2381937'] Oh, I see you don't understand the situation but somehow have formed a biased opinion on it! Congratulations! U.S.S.R. was a raid target, one of the members was raided and he retaliated, which is fine. Typically we let the person who provoked the counter-attack deal with their own problems. The problem started when U.S.S.R. randomly attacked non offending nations. Which again is a choice they made and the response was to make sure they learned a lesson from it. Anything else I can catch you up
  8. Attacking a bunch of small nations who can't even defend themselves. Really impressive. That must have taken you weeks to organize. Why don't you guys attack someone who can actually fight back and have a real challenge? Strange concept I know.
  9. Welcome aboard CCC. Glad to have you with us. I have heard only good things about you.
  10. Good luck WAPA. At the very least our battles should be fun.
  11. My respect for the Sith has gone up considerably. Very impressive guys. Good luck.
  12. Interesting how an alliance such as TFD can win 2 tournaments in TE and still be considered "God awful" at war. What does someone need to do to get some respect around here? If the answer is beat yourself down in a war just let me know and I will be happy to on my way down (Your nation is almost twice as old as mine. I have almost 4x your tech level.) You really sound like someone I want to take advice from lol.
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