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NAAC and Warlordz merge??


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The National Alliance of Arctic countrie's Warlordz.


Article I: Membership

Each member of the separate alliances [NAAC and Warlordz] are to join the National Alliance of Arctic Warlordz. They may keep separate colors but have to choose either flag. If they choose to keep their previous AA's longer than 1 week, they will not be protected by previous leaders. They will have no military structure and are open to outside raids and attacks.

Article II: Leadership

There will be group leadership. A council made up of myself, Bob, Bill Nye and HisK. We are to make decisions by 'majority rule.' If it turns out 2 vs. 2, the nations in the alliance will decide.

Article III: Alliance

We are no longer two separate alliances. Our AA is too long as NAACW so our AA will but cut short as NAAW. We can goth by both names. It's up to you, whether you leave the "c" in or out of the abbreviation. We act as one and are only separated by color. All nations who carry this AA will fly the colors of former honorable alliances, now joined together to create one larger elite alliance.

Article IIII: Treaties

All treaties are now inactive and as a new alliance, do not promise the same treaties that were made by Warlordz. Some treaties will stay in tact after development, some will not. Just as if Warlordz were to disband, all former documents are no longer in use.

Our forums are now: http://z13.invisionfree.com/NAACW/index.php?act=idx

Public IRC channel: #NAACW

/s/ HisK, Council member of NAACW

/s/ Bob, Council member of NAACW

/s/ FreedomvilleAT, Council member of NAACW

/s/ Bill Nye, Council member of NAACW


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You couldn't just go with "National Alliance of Arctic Warlordz"? o/ NAAW

We have two name because NAAC still wanted to keep 'countries' in the name, however, it would be a long name for the AA so we took it out. Now we just go by both name...either the AA or actual title.

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