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Molakia Developes Mustard, Chlorine gases for weapons.

Cites nuclear threat, deterrent needed.


Picture of Chlorine Gas use in WWI, which raged from 1914 to 1919.

The Molakian Defense Council has announced today that, to deter nations from using WMDs against Molakia, the Molakian Armed Forces have begun to produce Mustard and Chlorine agents for use in warfare. "We are beind the 8 Ball here," one General said, "And to balance it, we are making these agents for defense."

"Molakia has little in the way of tech, most of which we buy or salvage. Our most advanced tank is very old, our most advanced fighter is over 60 years old. As such, only these basic agents are being developed. Rest assured that we will update our arsenal as we move along." said Robert Barr, Head of State for Molakia. "We hope the nations of the world will see that we build these as a deterrent, not as a first strike weapon."

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The government of New Cymru is disturbed that such weapons are still being developed and tested, but understands that sometimes such weapons are necessary for ones own defense, and so supports these actions as long as said weapons only continue to be used in a defensive manner.

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"The Government of Vaule is seriously concerned with the development of these types of weapons by the Government of Molakia. We hope that these will only be used as a deterrent and we hope that Molakia will exercise due caution before deploying and using these weapons, and will ensure that any such weapons are secured."-Lt. Col. Khakov, Foreign Minister & Acting President of Vaule

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The SUAS uses phosphorus bombs/missiles in our arsenal.


A Siberian (then Crimean) phosphorus bomb explodes on a mountainside during a battle with WAF forces.

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Strains change you know, look at the Flu, it changes every year. Smallpox is no different. Vaccines only work against one strain, not all.

Smallpox does not change enough to make a difference. As for the Black Plague...bah, madern medicine could easily find an antidote, if it mutated.

OOC: The original vaccine to Smallpox was a very similar disease that is much less fatal, though you still feel just as bad while you have it.

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Molakia contacts Turkey over Armenia

Sources indicate potential talks




Molakian,Armenian and Turkish Flags

Contacts in the Molakian Goverment have sent word to MNN that the goverment seeks to have a dialogue with Turkey over the Armenian situation. The goverment feels that, due to historic turkey's treatment of armenia, violence may fire up due to ethnic tension. Russians and Armenians have always had a close history, so the deal may spell peace in the land.

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The Empire has found the existance of Molakia disturbing to begin with, and now that they announce that they are making Chemical weapons only supports our opinion of Molakias dangerousness. Our weapons will keep a watch on you for further developments. Your on thin ice mister, tread carefully

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