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Can't receive tech

Rebel Virginia

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Is this where I report this? My tech seller says he cannot send me tech because he is getting a error saying I am a multi or something. I promise you I am not a multi. I am far too lazy to be a multi.


How can I get this fixed so I can receive the tech? Thanks.


Edit: I don't know if it is relevant or not, but I did recently move so that might make any IP addresses associated with my account look odd. Maybe. I don't know the internet works and have no care to learn either.


Edit 2: Apparently we're in the same state and have the same ISP (although located about three hours apart). Is that enough to flag the multiple accounts warning for aid?

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I made a small change. Have them try sending you the foreign aid now. If they continue receiving an error message, ask them to post in this thread with a screenshot of the actual error they are getting.

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33 minutes ago, Barix9 said:

I am also having this issue.  Barix9 (627479) to Lieutenant Yenroh (453991)

Try again, if you get an error please provide the full error message that's shown.

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1 hour ago, Barix9 said:

Still receiving the error - 

This aid agreement would result in a potential rule violation due to multiple accounts and is not allowed at this time. Code #30.

Thanks for the details. Please try once more.

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