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Wiki Party?


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I've noticed that we haven't added the War of Nurture, Bicycle War or several other thingie mabobbers onto the wiki for a while, and I was wondering if it makes sense for some of the people who edit the wiki to come together on a server and knock some of these pages out of the park. I'm not really wiki-knowledgable (I only have edited existing pages) -- but I'd definitely be willing to join the collective to help if someone can give me some tips. I know that some alliances (NPO, VE, FTW)  (Smitty ❤️ )have active wiki editors, but maybe there are also others out there who would be willing to come together on a discord server or something like that so that we don't allow this part of our community to fall completely into irrelevance. 

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Yeah just a few weeks ago I added the Bicycle War to the little All Wars view, and put in the section for other wars of '21, but I was sad that it hadn't been done yet. I'm not a great historian or anything so I don't know how much actual editing I'd do, but I really like the idea of a place on discord for "wiki managers" or something. Maybe if not a new server than something on the CN Radio server?

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