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Ahh! After 10,000 years I'm free!


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Hear ye, citizens of Bob, I have returned! Surely you all remember and fear the great Azkadel of the Outer Zone!

I'd actually wager that none of you remember me by this name, and maybe two of you remember me as Ichabod of New Zanzibar (and one of those two probably have me confused with Ishabad.) I never left the Christian Coalition of Countries Discord, and I finally decided to return and see what was happening. But now I am Azkadel, senile old man-wizard! As I grow in power, I plan to initiate the Last Crusade for Bob and finally bring the planet to heel under my glorious leadership.

But first, I need a trade circle. Anyone have anything open? I have lead and spices, but apparently you can change your resources now!

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