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NLON invites BC for a dance

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We have been waiting for almost a week for the Boognish to make their desire to attack us become reality... 



...and we couldn't wait any longer. 

So hereby we take the Cult to our long awaited dance! 

Happy holly jolly pixel hunting, may the nukes fly through the sky like falling stars! 

(this is probably how you make a DoW on the OWF)


Edited by Augustus Caesar
Reason for edit: Extra spacebars for enhanced experience and edited Boognish-ists to please Jo Apo
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On 2/23/2020 at 1:57 AM, Augustus Caesar said:

wars where nobody really knows what they're doing are the most fun wars. 


Especially when your nation is sent to the upside-down world of negative infrastructure and citizens.


Bit disappointed my bill payment didn't reimburse me accordingly but you can't have it all!

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