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Ohhh Little......Birdy - A Boognish Cult Recognition of Hostilities

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Squelch the little Weasel,

Crush him before he spawns,

Break it too me gently,

With merriment and song.


Greetings citizens of Steve, The Stallion is here once more.


Earlier today, nations from the 'Peaceful Sapiophobes' declared a number of wars against the Boognish Cult.

Including our very Lord Boognish!


The Sapiophobes had been given a free pass for their past transgressions.

There will be no second chances for unrepentent, cowardly blasphemers.



Boognish Cult hereby recognises a state of war with The Peaceful Sapiophobes

May Admin have mercy on your pixels, for Boognish will have none.


Taste the Waste o7

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