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  1. Good luck, friend. Quite the updec too! Hopefully the beautiful events that transpired will clear your name as leader of that 'rebellion.' I wish you the best in your conflicts and the rebuild afterwards! o7
  2. I do apologise. We're holding but these continuous waves of attacks from the beginning and the new 'replacements' which have came in to replace the rest we ran down is just bizarre. Tensions are continuously rising and just as we start seeing the end, another dust cloud forms in the shape of Doves. We continue our hunting season against the Saps but desire the same condemnation against them from other alliances and their leader to step forward for once. No harm was meant in that statement, regardless. Best of luck in your conflicts as I wish for ours.
  3. Thought of war kept him strong, he listened for the battle song. [Begin Transmission] Greetings to all those who roam this planet, I am Aris. As many of you already know about the great rogue issue we've all 'experienced' this round, as well as the tasteful issue of the Sapiophobics, (which have taken upon themselves to reveal their main accounts which sat in hiding for 15 days until Boognish, without any help, wiped out the first wave, to replace those lost.) We've tried to figure out who is behind the rogues and all have been pointing fingers. We've noticed that D1 and AW have shown no willingness to deal with the threat. We're very aware in Boognish, that most of you as alliances have dealt with rogues through the rounds continuously. All I've seen however is a lot of 'he said / she said' nonsense with no action backing your words. Boognish has been attacking rogues and nations purely designed to hinder our progress through this planet. Maybe out of fear? I'd not be surprised. 'rodcarew' has rerolled and has moved out of the Saps for unknown reason to be replaced by nations made all around the same time. (Few minutes in between) (Nothing against rerolling, if circumstances lead to it, so be it.) So, where am I going with all of this? The Cult demands White Dove to come forward to the OWF and explain themselves, the 'rogues' and all. The Cult requests that other alliances within TE condemn this behaviour publicly alongside us. Feel free to join Buckingham Green if you wish to further discuss anything more. [Edit] We're fully understanding of the war between D1 and AW which makes it far more difficult to assist in dealing with the rogue issue. To clarify, we are not asking for assistance in our own wars as some already assume. As I've done before, I wish you the best in your current conflict and hope you grasp the message conveyed and condemn such behaviour from reappearing in TE. [End Transmission] Signed: Boognish - The Bumblebee Pandy Fackler -The Stallion Aris - Beacon Light
  4. It doesn't. If you read properly, that'd help. Pandy and I know eachother IRL very well. I'm most certainly not a Kiwi like HG is. Then he says: You notice the ':'? Meaning the previous statement was for you, the rest was for AW as a whole and the war. Have a lovely day, RR.
  5. My views and thoughts do not represent that of the Cult as a whole. Greets from the Cult. To start, I do wish the both of you the best of luck in your conflicts - even when we've been told that we're next. Secondly, I truly do not believe that HG is behind these rogues. This round has seen an increasing volume of multi-accounts (which have been reported to clarify.) and we've great belief that it is the SAPs which are behind these. The same spy attacks have been taking place on Boognish members and we've no reason to believe that HG would be behind these. I feel like this was purely poor timing. I may be wrong and if so, I will apologise and admit that. I do think the war was coming eventually though and for that, I do wish you both the best of luck in conflict, peace talks and rebuilding. - The Beacon o7
  6. Interesting article, is it in braille?
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