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Nations,we have heard you have been waiting for something to happen, some of you called it "Calm before the storm"

So here we come to the rescue,


We called in our Calvary,




prepared the Archers,





lined up the Pikemen




and sharpened our swords,




then we realized, $%&@, everyone has NUKES,


so we made the swordsmen slay the horses, and we used the pikes and arrows to grill them, then we ate, in preparation for war,




we also went out and bought lemons at some point.










We prepared the gunmen



called in the navy



and airplanes




got us some god damn NUKES







And now, WE GO TO WAR,








New Desolate Order






hereby declare war on


Defcon1, War Doves, Ordo Paradoxia.


Screenshots of  stats will be provided in a different post.


We will not  do any dirty spy ops unless in retaliation against an alliance that did them on us.



o/ NDO! o/ KrAbZ!

o/ OP o/ War Doves o/ Defcon 1

o/ WAR 

Edited by Robert Baratheon I
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Peace has been accepted by all!


To: Cowboy    From: Blacklight    Date: 9/18/2015 3:55:01 PM

Subject: Peace at next Update 9/18 - 9/19


Message: Alrighty,

It looks like we've reached an agreement on peace a day early for this war. 

The first war declarations happened at 11:45 PM on 9/14/2015 and would therefore end at Update of 9/20/2015. So instead, we'll peace out this next Update which is 9/19/2015. If anyone wants anything different than that, now is a good time to say so.

Just like NDO, we have no issues with this on KrAbZ part. 

We play TE in the interest of overall fun, we're open to whatever it takes to get it. For the most part it seems we didn't have any bad spy issues that weren't fairly easy to resolve, and that's a good thing too. Both NDO and us believe that the use of certain spy ops is at least poor sportsmanship, and at worst, spiteful. In this war, it looks everyone had a lot of fun :D

Thanks to everyone for a great war!

Robert Baratheon I, KrAbZ
Cowboy, D1
Fata1ity, D1
Hadesflames, NDO
Moonpie, NDO
Nick Ghostwolf, NDO
Dolorous Edd, NDO
Danger Mouse, WD
Belisarius, WD
Rakul, OP
OcMax, OP
Rexius, OP
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One of the best DoWs I have seen in a long time.

Thanks Isolatar, and thank you everybody for the good wishes


I read "lined up the Pikemen" as "lined up the Pokémon" ... I'm sure your way was just as good :P


Give 'em hell!


o/ Krabz!

o/ NDO!

o/ Everyone else!

We only use Pokemon in retaliation if they are used against us :P




Peace has been accepted by all!


Indeed it has, Thanks for the good fight everybody. 

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