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The World Freedom Federation Declares...


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The Citizens of the World Freedom Federation have voted for and approved of the following Charter revision as well as the following Government:


Nord Belka (razgriz24)


Deputy Skymarshal:

A Floppy Penguin


Deputy Skymarshal:



Deputy Skymarshal:



Foreign Affairs Commandant



Defense Commandant

President Ross


Internal Affairs Commandant

General Gorgoth


Economics Commandant

Scolar Visari


Articles of the Federation III

The World Freedom Federation (WFF) is Ace Combat/Starship Troopers/Battlestar Galactica/Firefly themed. This makes an interesting combination of military and also sci-fi within the alliance. Every Citizen has the ability to advance up the ranks, you can get out of the WFF exactly what you put in.

               “There is an old song which asserts that "the best things in life are free". Not true! Utterly false! This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted… and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears. … I fancy that the poet who wrote that song meant to imply that the best things in life must be purchased other than with money — which is true — just as the literal meaning of his words is false. The best things in life are beyond money; their price is agony and sweat and devotion . . . and the price demanded for the most precious of all things in life is life itself — ultimate cost for perfect value."

We recognize that unregulated Democracy is mob rule. We also recognize that totalitarianism is almost always started at the ballot box. Therefore, the WFF is based on the ideas of a Libertarian Meritocracy. With higher ranks having higher responsibility, all incoming government members are expected to have a background of merit, civic virtue and be of outstanding personal character.  The core values of honor, courage and service are instilled into every citizen.

Article I: Citizenship
Section I: What is a Citizen?

Every member that has passed through the applicant phase is a citizen. The Citizen rank is the first earned, and the only one that will stay as long as you are an “active” member. Every Citizen has the duty to vote in Citizen votes and Referendums. Remember that service guarantees Citizenship!

Section II: Earning Citizenship

To become a Citizen, one must register on the WFF Forums and fill out a Citizen application. Before this, the potential applicant must change their alliance affiliation (AA) to World Freedom Federation. If your application is approved, you will have one week to study for the Federal Citizenship Exam. Once the exam is passed, you will have earned the Citizen rank and become an official WFF member. Any denied applicants have the right to a detailed reasoning for said application denial. You may apply as many times as you’d like unless on the blacklist.

Section III: Absent without Leave (AWOL)

A Citizen has the right to be a non-hacker and “resign” from WFF with the minimum of a 48 HR notice. All tech deals must have been completed prior to leaving the AA. Failure to comply will result in you being marked AWOL. If you are marked AWOL you have 24 hrs to take corrective action. Failure to comply will result in you being placed on the WFF blacklist and you will never be allowed to party again.

Section IV: Activity Requirements

World Freedom Federation currently requires all members to log on at least once every three weeks to be considered satisfactorily active. If a member falls below this level their forums account is marked “Inactive”, if a member returns to Cybernations they will have the ability to rejoin WFF without fully reapplying. If a member returns to Cybernations and does NOT rejoin WFF within 24 hrs, they will be removed from the WFF roster and be forced to reapply if they wish.

Article II: Government

Section I: Skymarshal and Deputies

Skymarshal (SM)
The Skymarshal is the highest governmental authority, overlooking all aspects of the alliance. Once a year, a vote of confidence shall be held, with majority Citizens rule. This vote shall take place no later than 48hrs after the Skymarshals anniversary date. Any member serving at least one year honorably within the WFF is eligible to be selected as a candidate. In the event the Skymarshal resigns, he may select a replacement. This replacement is to be approved by the same vote of confidence procedure as used for selecting a new Skymarshal.

Deputy Skymarshal (Dept.)
The Deputy Skymarshal is the second highest in the chain of command. There is one Deputy Skymarshal for each department of Internal Affairs, External Affairs and an Auxiliary Deputy. The Internal Affairs Deputy oversees Economics, Internal Affairs and Defense strategies. The External Affairs Deputy oversees Foreign Affairs, Defense and Economics strategics. Each Deputy is selected by the current Skymarshal.

The Skymarshal and/or Deputy Skymarshals may be removed by a vote of no confidence. To remove the Skymarshal, a case of his misdeeds must be brought before the government in the Alliance Affairs area in a new topic. If the membership of WFF feels the Skymarshal is not living up to his duties, they may vote with 75% majority of membership and 75% majority of the government to remove him, at which point a special election can be had to pick a new Skymarshal. A nomination thread will be put up within 24 hours by the outgoing skymarshal, anyone qualified for Skymarshal by this charter will be proclaimed candidates. A vote will be held for 48 hours. The member with the most votes is proclaimed the winner.

Section II: Commandants

Commandants are third highest in the chain of command. They serve six month terms. At the end of the term, a 48hr Citizen nomination thread shall be made by the Skymarshal. Nominees must then be unanimously approved by government members. A Citizen vote is then held, with majority as winner. A tie is broken by holding a vote of the Skymarshals.

Economics Commandant (ECO)
Responsible for every Citizens' trades and also tech deal and aid flow. Will set goals for every nation to assist in infrastructure jumps and also maintain a steady tech deal flow to aid individual growth. While working with other government, will make sure the over all economic goals set by the Skymarshal are met.

Defense Commandant (DEF)
Head of the MILCOM department, responsible for the defense of the alliance in all its forms. Will train and prepare Citizens for war and ensure every Citizen understands how to fight. Coordination with allies in regards to war plans can be made at this level. Must also make monthly reports to the Skymarshal of War Chest amounts for each nation. Refer to Article II: Section III.

Internal Affairs Commandant (IA)
Maintains the Citizen Academy and heads the recruitment department. Also responsible for basic forum moderation and organization. Will also organize and present monthly editions of the Federal News. Assists in the Economic Department by offering help with updating tech deal and trade info.

Foreign Affairs Commandant (FAC)
Primarily the link for information between the alliance and allies, but also a diplomat to foreign alliances during times of conflict or redress of a complaint made by a foreign alliance. The FAC is also responsible for the initial movements for treaties. Refer to Article III: Section VI.

Section III: Military Command (MILCOM)

Declaring a State of War
A state of war can only be declared by the Skymarshal. A majority vote of the Deputy Skymarshals and Commandants will enact a state of war, with Skymarshal approval. In the event the vote is a tie, the tie shall be broken by executive order of the Skymarshal. In the event of an outbreak of major war or major war is imminent and the Skymarshal cannot be reached by any means for voting, a majority vote of the government shall be held to vote on declaring war.

Commanders (CDR)
Second highest in the MILCOM department and fourth highest in the chain of command, Commanders take part in the planning stages of conflicts. Commanders report directly to the Defense Commandant, but may not issue target lists. During times of peace, Commanders are expected to act as moderators and also assist in the generalities of the alliance workings. Commanders are appointed by government based on experience, service time and merits.

Captains (CAPT)
This is an entry level rank, fifth in line of the chain of command but third highest in MILCOM. Captains assist in the planning stages of wars by providing specific information on each nation within their respective squadron. Each captain is also responsible for their own squadron moderation and activity. This rank can be appointed to any active member that has been a citizen for at least a month.

MILCOM Conflict Protocol
All members of the MILCOM are to assist in creating battle plans and general military strategies. The Defense Commandant is the only member of the MILCOM that has the authority to initiate the issuing of target lists after Government approval. In the event the Defense Commandant is absent, a Commander will be appointed by the Government to issue said target lists.

Article III: Policies and Customs

Section I: Rules of Engagement

No Citizen is to engage a nation under the WFF or allied flag unless the target is deemed a rogue or other enemy by the Skymarshal. Attacking a nation under a foreign alliance flag is not allowed unless ordered by government. Punishment for not following these orders can be very severe and are handled on a case by case basis by the Skymarshal or the DoJ.

Section II: War Time Policy

It is to be a standard practice of the Skymarshal and WFF government to make an official Declaration of War, for all eyes to see, before engaging another alliance in large scale conflicts.

A first strike nuclear policy may be enacted to secure the defense of the alliance and allies. Non-nuclear engagements are open to discussion via diplomatic channels in certain situations that demand said course of action.

In the event a DoW is made, every Citizen must work together and fight. If a Citizen leaves the AA under any circumstance during a time of war, that Citizen will be stripped of any rank earned and considered AWOL. Citizens of the World Freedom Federation are never to surrender as a POW. A given nation must exhaust all efforts to resist before considering entering peace mode for R&R unless otherwise ordered.

Section III: The Chain of Command and requesting redress

In the event a Citizen has an inquiry about Internal Policies or requesting redress for an internal issue, they must follow the chain of command. If a conflict is with a superior officer, the request can be made to speak with another official directly if deemed necessary by the Citizen. All issues are dealt with on a case by case basis by the Skymarshal or delegated to a lower government official if required.

Section IV: Crimes and Punishment

Other than going AWOL during a time of war, every Citizen charged with a violation has the right to appeal and/or be heard on the subject. Since every violation is dealt with on a case by case basis. Refer to the Department of Justice (DoJ) for further information. A charge can be overturned by a majority consensus of the government.

Section V: Referendums

In the event the government wishes or is requested, alliance decisions can be made by way of an alliance referendum. All Citizens are eligible to vote, with a majority vote being declared the winner. Issues such as war and peace are not eligible for referendum. If it is decided that the Articles of the Federation need revision, a public forum may be held for discussion. Only revisions to Article III may be proposed, with exception given to adding ranks at or below Commander. Proposals must be drafted by Government and then be proposed for a aye or nay vote of the Citizens, with the results being in the favor of Citizens majority.

Section VI: Treaties and Citizen Rule

The World Freedom Federation is not a neutral alliance, and we always welcome diplomacy. Sometimes, we find that special someone and want to get even closer. The Foreign Affairs Commandant is responsible for opening the door to all matters pertaining to potential and current treaties, regardless of their nature. All treaties must be approved by the Skymarshal and at least one of the Deputy Skymarshals before presentation to the Citizens for voting. The treaty will stand before the Citizens for 48 hours unless an extension is approved. An extension shall not exceed 24 hours. Upon the conclusion of this 24 hour period, the votes will be counted and a result presented to the Skymarshal. All treaty approvals require a simple majority approval from the Citizens and the signatures of: The Skymarshal, Two Deputy Skymarshals, Foreign Affairs Commandant and The Citizens of the WFF.

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Treaties suck, boo!


There is no treaty here, unless you've brought one with you. The Articles of the Federation is our secret recipe for awesome being revealed to the public for the first time.


In honor of this being the Articles of the Federation III, here is the first track from Led Zeppelin III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlNhD0oS5pk

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