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The Third German Empire


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Berlin, Germany



The young German Kaiser stood in front of the camera. At only 22 he was sure to be the youngest head of state in the world. He slicked back his bright blonde hair and began to speak. "Hallo to world national leaderz, We in Germany declare our independence and such. Good Day to all of you."

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After the announcement from the Danes concerning the new fees associated with travelling through the Danish straights reached Berlin. Kaiser Kranz would not allow them to profit from trade not for them therefore Kaiser Kranz would write and send a small letter to all of the nations that were close to Germany, "Hello fellow national leaders of the world, we here in Germany in no way agree with Denmark's new policy concerning trade through the straits. So we are pleased to announce that anyone may send any number of ships through the Kaiser Kanal. Free of Charge."

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Following recent global instability some might be wary of trusting a resurgent German Empire.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Great War is long behind us and it's now time for moving forward.

Procinctia recognizes a a Third German Empire.


From the Office of Generalissimo

Grand Admiral of Procinctia

Generalissimo of Procinctia

El Presidente of Procinctia

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Germany was in ruins. The nation that wanted everyone to think it was big and tough of the outside. Was in reality frail and weak on the inside. The accumulation of the past thirty years event left it destroyed. It was no longer the great and glorious empire that it once was. We had failed Bismarck. It couldn't even fight France! The current Kaiser, Kranz, is a kid that has no business conducting world affairs among older and wiser leaders of the world. Yet he does it, and though he makes a valiant effort, although he has no idea what he is doing. He tried to annex The Netherlands, even though he had no intention of putting any Frenchmen in harms way, it was still a terrible judgement call, and now look where he is, the entirety of Europe resents Germany. Now he has to pick up the pieces and put them back together again.

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