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"I present to you, the Suez Canal!"


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With the recent acquisition of the Suez Canal by Aidennic Alexandria in the wake of the utter implosion of the Red Sea Republic, we would like to make known to the world our policies regarding the usage of the canal. We believe that these are fairly straight forward and simple to follow. A brief blurb about the critical points will be displayed below; anyone wishing to receive a full manual on Canal Procedures can contact the newly-minted Alexandrian Canal Department. 





All civilian and commercial shipping will be allowed passage through the canal. Alexandria reserves the right to seize and search ships, pending probable cause. 



For military vessels and military shipping, three points are crucial to remember.


POINT 1: All military vessels and military shipping will be allowed passage unless they conflict with Alexandrian interests.

POINT 2: All military vessels and military shipping will be allowed passage unless they intend to infringe on sovereign African nations.

POINT 3: All military vessels and military shipping can and will be subject to searches, pending probable cause.



A fee will require payment before first passing through the canal, be it for civilian, commercial, or military reasons.






"With the Suez canal operational once more, and the areas around them stabilized, I present to you, the Suez Canal!" Horns sounded and the military orchestra of Alexandria played the national anthem, while jets flew overhead. Ioannes Palaiologos posed for a few pictures with the heads of the Alexandrian Canal Department for the momentous occasion before leaving to attend to state matters. 

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"The Kingdom supports this new liberal policy that encourages the flow of goods and commerce through the Red Sea. We wish to remind our fellow traders and travelers that the port of Bossaso in the Red Sea is an active trading station. The Maldives are well placed for resupply as well. Further, the good offices of Port of Sudan Imports and Exports ltd can take care of nearly all your military supply needs."

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The Ukrainian oil ship would be blocked when it tried to enter the Persian Gulf by the Imperial Navy.


The oil ship passes into and waits outside of the Suez to be let through


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Some poor intern in the Office of Foreign Affairs was assigned the reading of the entire Canal Procedures Manual. These summarized findings of the new Suez Canal policy were studied and a response was issued by the Office.


"The Northlands applauds Aidennic Alexandria on promoting a transparent, reasonable  restructuring of the stipulations to traverse the Suez. However, we take issue with Point 2, specifically the phrase '...unless they intend to infringe on sovereign African nations.'" How does one determine if a ship is intending to infringe on African sovereignty, short of an outright declaration by the ship or government that that is the case. This is an arbitrary statement that could be easily abused by the Alexandria government to block shipping while ostensibly using this point as legal cause to do so." 

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If you'll notice which heading the point is under, this only is implied for military vessels. What do you chiefly do with military vessels when moving them across the globe? Project power. In the event that a government has made their intent of engaging an African nation in war, or that they have publicly stated that their navy would be used for intimidation of an African nation, they would not be allowed access. Those are the only two situations where point 2 applies, and Alexandria can only invoke this right if their intent is public knowledge. 

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