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"Riot Society is based upon the idea of having fun with friends within this game. If you want to have fun, have fun, if you want to sit behind the screen, and !@#$%*, and moan, do that to. I mean it must be fun for you, if you do that all the time, who am I to judge?"



Come talk to us at #RIOT if you're interested in joining, we're active and we have a fun irc channel, enter at your own risk, at some times. 

Or we actually have semi-usable forums now. - http://w11.zetaboards.com/Riot_Society/index/
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WindBender: so

[9:29pm] WindBender: somebody wants to start an online flower shop

[9:29pm] WindBender: thoughts ?

[9:30pm] Lysergide: Excellent idea

[9:30pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR]: let me grow the flowers

[9:30pm] BringMeTheHorizon: Well this got gay too fast for me

[9:30pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR]: lol

[9:30pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR] :dude

[9:31pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR]: GAYEST CHANNEL!

[9:31pm] WindBender : If I ever live in a mansion - I'll have a flower garden

[9:31pm] BringMeTheHorizon: Yea, I like this gay channel

[9:31pm] BringMeTheHorizon: This is still got too gay too fast

[9:31pm] BringMeTheHorizon: It needs to be eased in...

[9:31pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR]: nope

[9:31pm] Lysergide: Never dear

[9:31pm] Lysergide: We go in hard

[9:31pm] Lysergide: We go in fast

[9:31pm] Ovidsidios[FEAR]: bight down

[9:31pm]Lysergide: And without lube



Well...this is the best advertising we can do for RIOT

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