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Fixing the tech scale

KaiserMelech Mikhail


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One of the major issues addressed is the tech scale, and the thought that it stretches too far into the future.  Looking at the tech thread, it seems that everyone is pretty much in agreement, so it is time to make this official  In making things slightly more even, and relying more on known developments rather than speculation, it has been decided to drop the maximum tech year from 2034 to 2022.  Below is a logistic scale developed by Cent that would set new tech years.




There would of course be a grace period for people to retool their military to their new year.

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Just as a general note, I will be able to fully change my tech around early february, if I have time in between reading I'll start changing things before that.

I would consider your war with Shammy the last one according to old scale then.


It was declared before this rule came up and I think both sides more or less planned to enter before we discussed this. New wars should however be fought with the new tech scale.

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