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Poll to end all Polls

Justinian the Mighty

End Polls?  

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Before I start this poll has the authorization of a GM who will not be named, but is certainly not the Jewish one.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion in our community and even more polls. I believe this is killing our society. I represent a consortium of concerned citizens who want to see this community fixed. Consider if you will the evidence against polls.

1. Polls don’t kill people, but minorities with polls kill people.
2. Polls are responsible for more wars that religion and the Illuminati
3. Mitt Romney’s has a poll.
4. Illegal immigrants and terrorists use polls to get into this country and steal our jobs and kill our people.
5. if I have 2 polls and take away 1 I will only have 1 poll left.
6. Poll and pole sound the same, but are spelled different, this is called a homophone.
7. Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston both OD’s on polls… and Anna Nichole Smith.
8. People who gather polling information call me when I’m eating my dinner and that makes me mad.

This is only a fraction of the offenses that polls are responsible for. For that reason I believe this poll on abolishing polls should be taken seriously. If we don’t do something about polls now our children will be shouldered with our burden and they will remember our generation for the evils we allowed polls to perpetrate.

Thank You.

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