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GDA shouts it from the rooftops


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[size="3"]A GDA announcement[/size][/center]

GDA is happy to announce that we have a new government. You may all rest in peace as I'm not president this time around. :P

President: Masterfod
Minister of Recruitment: Helsinki
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Corran Dralling
Minister of Internal Affairs: sippyjuice
Minister of Economics: GrannyinAction
Minister of Defense: currently undergoing deprogramming due to me brainwashing him by mistake... oops...

Congrats to the winners (and apologies for wiping the identity of the new MoD...)

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[quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1326690658' post='2900692']
Why's the IA person doing annoucements?
Because she's still got that womanly hold over the alliance, if you know what I mean. [img]http://www.cnsparta.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/ehm.gif[/img]

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