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Need an alliance


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Hi, Draco89, [b][color="blue"]Deinos[/color][/b] might be the alliance you're looking for.

We're a medium-small dinosaur-themed alliance on the blue sphere, and we're always on the lookout for great new members.

What do we offer? Well, we offer all of the regulars like protection, help with setting up trade circles, guides on how to grow your nation, and an experienced government. (We also offer a sum of money for nation-building purposes after you pass your Quiz, but if the money's all you're after, we're probably not for you.)

We're not huge, and we're democratic, so your voice will definitely be heard, but we're big enough that we have a fun community and be relevant on the political scene. We also value loyalty really strongly-- Deinos was formed from two smaller alliances who went all-out for each other during the [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/PB-NpO_War]PB-NpO War[/url], even though they totally didn't have to.

You can check us out more at our Wiki ([url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Deinos]Click Here![/url]). You can also drop by our forums, though you won't be able to see much unless you register ([url=http://deinos.partytowne.ca/index.php]Click Here![/url]). Or, if you want to talk to us in real-time, you can visit us on our IRC channel, #deinos on Coldfront ([url=http://wbe03.mibbit.com/?settings=6276a9ea927fe5eeca41200c35d04066&server=irc.coldfront.net&channel=%23deinos&noServerTab=false]Click Here![/url] to jump right to our IRC channel. Once everything loads, just type in the exact name of someone with a "~" or a "&" before their name to talk to a government member).

Hope to talk to you soon!

Also, enjoy a complementary dinosaur comic: :D

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It's nice to see someone who appears quite mature and level headed post in this section, needing an alliance. If really, you're quite argumentative and hate everyone and everything, you'd be most welcome in Colossus.


Joining aid, tech deals, guides, assistance and all that stuff comes as standard of course.

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Thousand Suns are currently seeking new members ....oh it seems like i found one...come by our forums or IRC and chat with me or you can PM ingame

my nation link

our forums

our IRC on coldfront

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Thanks for the offers gentlemen. I'll definitely keep you all in mind.

While I did say I had "no requirements" I still want to make sure I take the time to pick the right alliance for me. So I don't plan on making a decision at this moment. The offers so far have been good, but nothing that has really struck me as great or different than every other one out there. So I'll keep on looking and accepting invitations, offers as well as answering any questions you have about me. I am on IRC in #cybernations if you'd like to come introduce yourself :)

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Pax Corvus is nearing one year of age. We have around 50 members with over 2Million NS. We reside primarily on the black team but force no one to change their color or their spots.

What we feel sets us apart is our values. We value integrity, as each of us is only as good as our word. We value community, because a community is what each alliance should be. We value equality because no one is better than anyone else and everyone should have a right to speak up and be heard. And we value neutrality because we feel we do not need to become involved in the conflicts of others.

Pax Corvus is for those who walk the path of peace. It's not any easy path to tread. For those who try and succeed, we offer our knowledge and companionship as you grow in peace here on Digiterra.

Pax can be found at forum.paxcorvus.com or on coldfront at #Pax

Come for the coffee, stay because it's home.

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