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'Why so serious?' #1

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[center][font="Lucida Console"][color="#8B0000"][size="6"]Why so serious?[/size][/color][/font][/center]

[i][center]Gotham released its new currency[/center][/i]

[size="4"][color="#800080"]'Why so serious' Newsletter released its first issue![/color][/size]

Yes We are glad to released our first issue from Gotham's finest press corps, alongside this we celeberated the release of our new amazing and sexy curreny. we hope these issues will be on time every month and will be a entertaining read for all of you Batman and gotham fans out there, i think that would be all of you.

[u][size="4"][color="#4B0082"][b]Gotham News[/b][/color][/size][/u]

[size="3"][color="#FF8C00"][b]Light in Gotham City![/b][/color][/size]

Around a week ago, the scientists in the Gotham high school labs believed to have seen a white light which stroke the dark streets of gotham at around 4pm, many believed this to be a beginning of a miracle. This happened few hours after Gotham celeberated recovering a full government establishment, something which gotham has suffered lack off, since Gar leadership ended. Gotham proudly announced its new charter reform and new Government to the cyberverse, and helena has stated she has high expectations with this great line up. Below is the Official current Gotham Government:

Mayor: HelenaCain
Commissioner: Vacant
City Manager (MoIA): Diabloz
Director of Foreign Affairs: Kingcharge & TheFist Also known as Protoa
Police Chief (MoD) : jaybooker
Treasurer: Captainredsorrow
Deputy Director of Foreign affairs: Hadrian & Celeste
Deputy Police chief: Kommander
Gotham Highschool Headmaster: NoMutantallowed


[color="#FF8C00"][size="3"][b]Gotham passes 1 Million NS for the Second time![/b][/size][/color]


[center][i]Gotham exceeds 1 mliion NS [/i][/center]

Gotham has celebrated few days before our beloved upgrade with RIA, its 1 million NS milestone for the second time in our history we have achieved this. Gotham which has only been alive for a little under 3 months, has certainly been a massive accomplishment, the alliance which DoE'd with 7 members and managed to reach 1 Mil NS and 61 members only by using pure recruitment has really made every Gothamer Proud and certainly the founders of Gotham, it has been beyond our expectations and we hope to grow even more!



[color="#FF8C00"][size="3"][b]Gotham Reforms, has certainly included new batmans! [/b][/size][/color]

Gotham High school, has seen a big reform in order to benefit our new natinos and enable them to use as much of our resources as possible, Gotham has had a great growth spur and with our Treasurery being full in action be ready to expect more, Gotham has been gaining a lot of NS per day from pure growth of our nations, as we set our eyes to have more Batman's to defend our city from the crimes... Of course we have a lot of Jokers too..

[u][b][size="4"][color="#4B0082"]The Serious Stuff:[/color][/size][/b][/u]

[color="#008000"][size="3"][b]Gotham High's Just Desserts[/b][/size][/color]

The smells wafting in through the large, open window were heavily mixed. He could smell the sickly, sharp wetness of the freshly-cut grass, the harsh, coppery sense of exhaust fumes and for some odd reason, the aroma of thick, fattened sausages. The headmaster, NoMutantAllowed, licked his lips in thoughtful delight. He was sitting in a leather office chair, feet propped up on the edge of a desk, hands intertwined behind his head. Outside on the school grounds, he could see students of various ages milling about. Some were working, some lazing around in the sunshine, some were racing across the lawns, desperate to catch the football that had just been thrown, others were conversing quietly in small groups, emmitting the occasional laugh at whatever mediocre joke had been made.

NoMutantAllowed caught sight of some of his own class students. A tall, slender-looking young woman dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt came jogging across one of the lawns just then, straight into the headmaster's line of sight. She looked to be about seventeen, with long, flowing blonde hair that was now tied into a bun, and a pretty face with a short, curved nose and pursed lips. 'Lauren Hardings' thought the headmaster, 'Boy I'd love to do some hardings things to her'. A thick, toothy grin formed on the headmaster's face as he affixed his eyes to the young woman's small but firm, bobbing breasts, watching her all the while as she jogged across the grounds.

After watching Lauren jog the last few hundred yards around a corner of the large stone building, NoMutantAllowed slipped his feet off the desk and shifted some of his papers aside, looking for something. After a minute or so of searching, he had found it: a small, silver key. With it, he unlocked a drawer that formed part of his desk, and reached a hand inside to pull out what appeared to be a small clear plastic pouch. He opened the pouch and poked a finger inside, withdrawing it after a moment to reveal an index finger that was coated neatly in a thin, powdery white substance. After taking a quick, shifty look around him, including a comedial look over his shoulders, he brought the finger to his right nostril, exhaled once, then sniffed in the powder. He began twitching as he closed the pouch and shoved it roughly back inside the drawer, locking it again and throwing the key carelessly onto the desk. His pupils were now expanded to the size of coat buttons.

Suddenly, NoMutantAllowed heard a whooshing sound at the window. Alarmed, the headmaster stood up from his desk and stumbled to the window. Had someone seen him snorting the coke? If they had, the consequences would be collossal. He'd lose his job, for starters. Marianne would throw him out again. Minutes later, convinced that no-one had noticed him, the headmaster turned to return to his seat. He would not reach his seat however, as he had just come face to face with a caped, black-masked figure. NoMutantAllowed's face lit up in startled surprise, and a very unmanly-sounding scream issued from his mouth in fright. The Batman spoke, "Gotham High doesn't need scum like you. Playtime's over." With that, the huge, masked man gave the headteacher a swift chop between the shoulder blades, rendering him unconscious. The Dark Knight then heaved him onto his shoulder and leapt out of the window, heading for the police patrol car that had pulled up minutes earlier.

Another criminal arrested, another bright day for Gotham...

[i]written by Hadrian[/i]


[color="#00BFFF"][size="3"][b]The 'Why so serious' competition[/b][/size][/color]

All you have to do is create a poem about Gotham city and you can win an awesome badge you could proudly wear, our fine judges will choose the best and will be rewarded, the result will be announced in our next issue. Please send a Pm to Diabloz through CN forums with your Peom, Good luck!

[i][b][size="2"][color="#F4A460"]Thats All from 'Why so serious' Issue number 1 , we hope to see you in many other publications [/color][/size][/b][/i]:smug:

Edited by Diabloz
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[quote name='Dark Temptation' timestamp='1305165545' post='2710386']
This isn't going to be a weekly or monthly publication, right?[/quote]
We're hardly going to expend all of our collective journalist experience on just the one publication. :awesome:

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[quote name='Jack Straw' timestamp='1305183759' post='2710574']
Good job Gothamites. Thats some nice growth :smug:[/quote]
Thank you. We agree. :smug:

(OOC: Apologies for the separate replies, my multi-quote button appears to be malfunctioning, as it constantly shifts straight to the reply page instead of actually multi-quoting. [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/dry.gif[/img] )

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[quote name='Diabloz' timestamp='1305146329' post='2710227'][center][img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_2kjisMm3M9Y/SV09yIgMfmI/AAAAAAAAHgo/GHSewFbw8_o/s400/Batman+Baby+Doll.jpg[/img][/center][/quote]

I've met some people that claimed 10 inches long, but turned out to be a tiny miracle also. It's nice to find kindred spirits!

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