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Fly me to the moon

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[center][b]Announcement from the Commonwealth of England and Maine[/b][/center]

At 6am GMT, the lunar shuttle craft, Independance launched its landing module to the moon.
At 9am GMT, the lunar module landed on the moon.
At 9.04am GMT, Captain Mike Bolton became the first Englishman to set foot on the moon.

Today is a great day for British technological innovation and advancement, a great day for the Commonwealth because we have joined the ranks of the other Moon faring nations of Earth.

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"That flag looks awful, you could've at least made a decent one before sending your men on an extremely historical mission." ~ Critics Letter to Britian and Maine.

"I, on behalf of my family, personally congratulate the Commonwealth on this historical achievement. May your pride last till the end of time." ~ Sunyan Ottoman I

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"We welcome Britain as another brother on our world's satellite, Luna.
May your future expeditions be as successful as this one, if not more so."

~Message broadcast from the Sri Lankan Lunar Colony on the Far Side of the moon, via Sri Lanka's lunar-orbital satellite network

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[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1301796434' post='2683230']
OOC: Very subtle.
IC: The Kingdom of Africa congratulates England on this achievement.


The Commonwealth thanks everbody for their kind words.

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