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  1. antikato

    Notice of Testing

    I see the first attack from War Doves on NLON has occurred. I find it incredible that you have the front to make a declaration with an advantage of such magnitude.
  2. antikato

    Notice of Testing

    So, are you fighting with or against War Doves? If against, you have only 100k advantage. If you are fighting alongside them, as your declaration suggests you have 500k advantage which must be a record.. Either way I see 22 UN declarations and no war doves.
  3. antikato

    Flag Runners You Suck

    I nuked Golden Dragon three times.
  4. antikato

    Go Fluff Yourself

    Except that we are smaller than Rebels and UN. Defcon1 262 wars Rebels 155 wars UN 165 wars Not complaining just saying.
  5. antikato

    Go Fluff Yourself

    The only thing bloated about Defcon1 is our war page. Involved in over a hundred more wars that Rebels or UN this round.
  6. antikato

    Citadel Dow

    Sorry,  this is Tezlas  first round with us and perhaps he misunderstood the message. He's been nuked back and told where the naughty step is.   Thanks for the war, next time we'll call you.
  7. antikato

    Limited Foreign Aid

    I think aid is a lousy idea. It would mean that the larger alliances could have a group of builders who would try to avoid war, backing up a group of warriors who would fight with high NS and minimum warchests.
  8. antikato

    The Second World War

    Posted 17 November 2015 - 11:09 PM Building on what Eddy said, after the peace, we could divide up all the major alliances into two equal teams, and scrap it out.
  9. antikato

    Citadel DoW RAID....2

    "Please stop screaming - we can't fight you forever. We'll abide by our promise for the Christmas Armstice"   I think maybe they did read your post.
  10. antikato

    2000 days ish

    This must be the prelude to the "ten years" thread - I'm getting close.   kyyato is an extremely large sized, well developed, and ancient nation at 3,570 days old   I was old when I started.
  11. antikato

    NDO Has Her Pride

    Ok loudmouth, I'll let it slide for now but just watch it though, eh.
  12. antikato

    NDO Has Her Pride

    10 days back collect not enough for you?
  13. antikato

    NDO Has Her Pride

    Your leader has given  you authorisation for a  1 v 1 now.   We will both be in anarchy 5 days before the end of the round so you suggest 6 days?   Weakling.
  14. antikato

    NDO Has Her Pride

    So whenever you post stats in your declarations which you prize so much we all have to add on 35% to your total.   You personally are a nasty piece of work.   and a coward.   Five days before the end of the round?  We are both likely to be in anarchy then.   Whats wrong with this week?