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  1. You will always have a home and a friend in DT. Thanks for allthe years we've been privileged to share! The Dark Templar will continue protecting the AB aa. o/
  2. Good to see you and Hasan still kickin it together Hardin! Uh, good luck?
  3. I wanted to drop a quick thank you. DS/DK were a very impactful group as far as DT is concerned. Hershey and WC, you two have been great to work with. Thanks for everything over the years. If there is ever anything you need, feel free to call on me. If I can help, I will. o/o/o/
  4. It's completely uneven. That said TIR have seemed pretty cool thus far. I can't imagine any of us will be too hard on them if they decide they want out. Until then though, they'll be answering for the actions of their senior members that decided to attack Sengoku.
  5. Damn dude, that post is fuckin cold. I mean it happens. We have all seen it. And I'm sure we've all experienced it, most from bothe sides. But you don't gotta rub it in the guys face in a public forum. Could just call him a dumb shit in private.
  6. Where's the flag? Nothing can be official without a flag!?
  7. VE got some, We Got a few, The rest chose to go on with the Wombat life.
  8. Crap. Well Folks, would appear some outside source decided we do not exist. You know what though? I ain't even mad. No Mogar, we mean WWF. o/ WWF, was fun while it lasted but apparently we died.
  9. First off, yes we are still an alliance. I know, shocker. Now onto the point of this announcement. We signed a treaty. I am Proud to announce the 'TK's Agenda Accords' between The Dark Templar and WWF. Unfortunately my agenda didn't leave me with enough time to actually draft up a treaty but it's a ODAP. You all know the gist of it, and if you don't.. Well sucks to be you I guess. In typical DT fashion there are a few clauses that will not be disclosed until such a date that it becomes relevant. So uh.. yeah. Thanks for reading this and go back to trolling Sengoku? G'day! The Dark Templar: Starcraftmazter-Triumvir Terrence Krillins-Triumvir TiTaN-Trumvir WWF: The Authority Enrage Edward Mass Hellhound Jerrys Kids Generals3
  10. I'm not too sure what constitutes as an act of war these days but I feel like your copyright infringement upon our sacred symbol is one. You'll be hearing from me.
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