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  1. Being one of the people who dislikes you the most, I will actually admit you were doing really well in promeithia. Shame you screwed that one up. You need to learn how to own up to your actions before you can ask anyone to forgive them imo. Anyone who knows you know this is far from your first nation. And they know that the others have all been #@$%-ups too. Now generally in CN you can re-roll and start over fresh without anyone really caring but when you do it multiple times and act the same damn way every time you can't expect people to treat you any different. Go back to how you were in promeithia and people will leave you be. (that is the way you were before they kicked your ass to the curb).
  2. Haha having The Lord of the Rings playing in the backround (At a rather dramatic point I might add) made this read worth while. Someone get Cuba a ring so he can rule us all.
  3. I have never lost my car but just recently I pulled into a parking lot that had a car that was virtually identical to mine so I parked beside it. Should have stayed around until the other guy came out to see his reaction.
  4. If you are interested and are an IRC active person drop by #UCoN and talk to TK (me), Sarah, or jd some time. We can tell ya what our AA is about.
  5. O/ Play Station! Death to all the other junk! Gonna be a little sad to retire my PS3 though. Had a ton of fun with it!
  6. Lookin for an alliance? Visit Unitedcoalitionofnations.org.uk or stop by #UCoN on IRC and say hello!

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