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  1. "Any attempts by Belarusian forces to enter any regions bordering or in the Caribbean will be meet with swift and severe force by the still intact UCS military. Come at us bro."
  2. Transmission from the United Caribbean States: "Our people have no desire to be ruled by you. Any trespassers onto UCS soil will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."
  3. (CNRPA) (Public) Tunnel construction is moving forward as planned. In other news, the New President of the UCS is to be determined shortly.
  4. Panama Nicaragua and Costa Rica are now annexed by the UCS.
  5. (CNRPA) (Public) (Panama 7/7) Elections have been completed and the representatives selected. Panama is now an official state of the UCS, and will be incorporated into the defense network Caribbean Shield. (Nicaragua 7/7) The representatives have been voted in for Nicaragua. Nicaragua is now officially a state of the UCS and will also be integrated into Caribbean Shield. (Costa Rica 7/7) After the massive voter turnout, representatives have been selected. And of course, Costa Rica will be integrated into Caribbean Shield.
  6. (CNRPA) (Public) (6/7 Panama) Expansion of the canal is now complete, the canal being increased by 30%. This is expected to cover for increased trade, as it is expected to rise. Elections are well underway with massive turnouts in votes (6/7 Nicaragua) Upgrades of power and plumbing is now complete. Elections in Nicaragua are also experiencing a large oevel of voter turnout. (6/7 Costa Rica) All damages have been fully repaired and upgrades to power and plumbing are complete. Costa Rica os experiencing the biggest voter turnout of all three regions, likely a result of being oppressed as they were.
  7. (CNRPA) (Public) (Panama 5/7) Expansion of the Panama Canal is going forward as planned, construction well underway. Elections are being held across Panama to determine Senators and Representatives for the National congress. Upgrading of electric and plumbing grids have been completed. (Nicaragua 5/7) Like in Panama elections are being held across Nicaragua. Upgrading of Electric and plumbing Grids are nearing completion. (Costa Rica 5/7) Reconstruction and repairing of damaged infrastructure is moving forwad nicely, as is upgrading Power and Plumbing. Elections are also underway like in the other Regions. All signs of local resistance have stopped and the civilians thank the UCS for freeing them from the corrupt rule of the warlords.
  8. "Sounds right" Said Juan as he leaned forward to sign the treaty that would obviously be there, despite the fact both parties were far to lazy to write one OOCly. "Unless there was anything else you wished to discuss, I'll take this treaty back to be voted in by our senate. It was wonderful to meet you, hopefully we will again."
  9. (CNRPA) (Public) (4/7 Panama) Integration is moving forward, Panama now becoming part if the National ferry network. Power grid upgrades are nearing completion and plumbing upgrades are well underway. Plans are in the work for expansion of the Panama Canal aswell, the last major upgrade being from Tikal. This us expected to bring much work into the region and boost the local economy significantly. (4/7 Nicaragua) Cases of the unknown disease have nearly disappeared, only occasionally popping up in small backwater towns. Like in Panama the local power and plumbing grid would be upgraded to meet UCS standards. The Corporation Intelligent Systems, which leads UCS research in the medical, genetics, and computer fields is also setting up a lab in Nicaragua to study the recent disease outbreak. (4/7 Costa Rica) After a few brief skirmishes, local resistance has been put down and the Warlords are in custody. Damages would be quickly repaired as plans were laid down to upgrade the Power and Plumbing grids, like in the other regions.
  10. Name: Juan Andres Age: 56 Eye Color: Purple Hair Color: Black and silver Height: 5'9 Weight: 150ish Brief Physical Description: Athletic Describe Personality: Intelligent, calm, quiet, has an air of mystery and seriousness although can get very casual. Character's Profession: President (Soon to be) Additional Information: Ex black wasps, skilled in a mixture of fighting arts used in Black Wasps training. Capable of using a wide range of weapons. Always carries a cane with a hidden blade inside with which he is very skilled at using. (If your cool with scifi RP) He is the source of the UCS's advanced tech, having been sent from an alternate universe against his will. (He's actually a character from another scifi RP I did.) His Purple eyes are publicly a rare birth defect, but in actuality is a normal evolutionary trait from his world and gives him unique abilities.
  11. (CNRPA) (Public) (3/7 Panama) The replacement of the Panama Power grid was well underway, the blackouts which the local population had grown so accustomed to would become a thing of the past. Plans were also underway to overhaul the plumbing and irrigation systems in Panama, ensuring only the cleanest and safest of waters gets drinked. (3/7 Nicaragua) Thanks to medical supplies brought in hundreds of lives have been saved. The disease was unlike any encountered before, being incredibly resistant to even the strongest medicines. Thankfully, samples taken has allowed the programing of nanotechnology to target and eradicate the disease once it entered the patients body. While most of the nanites would deactivate and exit the bloodstream once the disease was removed, a few would remain ensuring reemergence of the disease was impossible. (3/7 Costa Rica) The attack on San Jose was an incredible success, much of the militant force surrendering in the face of the superior UCS forces. Several key leaders have been taken into custody to await trial. While the militants have been dealt a crippling blow, they were far from defeated. There were still more warlords to locate and pockets of resistance to quell.
  12. "We are willing to agree to the defense of the Atlantic from Foreign enroachment, aswell as an optional defense and aggression pact between our nations, until more time developing a relationship between our governments has passed. We know very little about the Rike, it's goals, and how your military operates, making passing a mutual defense pact very difficult."
  13. Well i mean what if someone else claims it before you? All that hard work, wasted. WASTED!
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