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  1. Small Problem there. OSA isn't aiming where you think it is.
  2. The site wasn't shutdown by the FBI the man took it down himself because even he knew how easy it was for a minour to find the site. My point being, it's rather easy for children to find porn without trying. So to bring that up as an argument against the mercy board is rather trite. Also after looking at the nato12 thread again myself, I do not see an images that I would say were pornographic.
  3. Hay mom, I need to do a report on the White House I'm going to look online. "whitehouse.com". Damn it's been changed how long ago I don't know. http://news.cnet.com/2100-1023-202985.html
  4. Well then these nations might want to make some friends if we're not the only Alliance raiding them. Now regardless of other alliances raiding the same targets we might of raided. If said nation does go through the mercy board they will be protected from us at least. To me that sounds like a good thing. They might meet people they may not of before and learn more about the game and the "politics" that runs it.
  5. Roger, I Don't know how other raiding alliances deal with this. I like the idea of not only peacing out with a raided nation but giving them permanent peace from our alliance.
  6. Also, no one answered my question. How many other alliances offer their raided targets a way to permanent peace?
  7. Well am I asking because I want to know if other Alliances offer a way to get Permanent Peace. If not and we're the only ones that offer such a status. Then I think we're better off for it. I mean think about it, Some small nation who is just minding his own business slowly growing his nation on his own. This poor person gets raided by say me. We go through the normal route and just PM for Peace. However another person in my alliance sees this poor fool and says "Hay he still looks like a juicy target" and attacks. Now had I sent this person to the Mercy Board and he did a comic depicting me as a fat ugly slob with no sex life. He would then gain Permanent Peace from my alliance. Now let's go one more step. Another nation in my alliance isn't to keen on reading our Do Not Attack List and hits this poor nation a third time. In this case the poor nation is due reparations. Now, let's go back to the whole "People not finding this funny/ Pubbie Tears". Those tears are mostly collected by people who won't or can't laugh at themselves. Since they can not or will not laugh at themselves, why/how can they truly laugh at us or with us? The reason why I bring that up is simply to say, this is a game and we're here to add another layer of interaction. Just Like IRC just like all of our Forums, Forums for BLOCS, Forums for Alliances, These forums, and thanks to US another forum donated to the Players of Cyber-nations that is made solely for a laugh and good times.
  8. Yes yes, we all know about the tears blog. May I have an answer to my question though? Do other Alliances that allow tech raiding give the offended nation a way to attain permanent peace from said Tech Raiding nation?
  9. Do other alliances that allow tech raiding offer ways for permanent peace? In the tech raids I have engaged in, sometimes I did just "Pm for peace". But to be honest, that's rather boring, I log in attack some poor unsuspecting fool and then next update the slot is free and nary a word was spoken between us. This is a social game I assume? Why do people want it to be so boring? Otherwise at times I sent them to the mercy board. Not only did my target get peace (not all the times) but we all had a good joke and got to know who each other are. For a game based on politics and as such being based on our own social interactions, some of you people want to play a really boring game.
  10. I can understand your point. There's only one fact that helps to refute that. Our Terms are never more than a half hour of work if that. In truth they're incredibly easy any high school student should be able to cough out a poem about why we GOONS are fat and ugly (which is what the term are most of the time) in 10 minutes. Any adult that plays the game of politics for fun should also be able to draw a comic depicting GOONS as neck bearded basement dwellers (which is often part of the terms we ask). So what I'm getting at is simply this. Sure it can seem humiliating that you a pubbie a nation that finds itself at the end of our sword would have to ask us for mercy. Then you a pubbie, reads the other threads, see our terms, and hopefully you see that everything is done in a light hearted fashion. After you notice that it's all done for the benefit of humour, you should have no problem making a thread, following the rules, and completing the terms no matter how bad you are at using MSpaint or drawing on paper and scanning it, or writing a letter to Carlos Mencia about how his jokes suck. The Tubes of the InterWorld are a small and scary place, we're here to bring a ray of High Minded Humour to it all. We're Jay Sherman.
  11. I'd suggest you come over to the board and read the threads. I think you'll find our attitude to subversion of our terms to be interesting. We're willing to take a lot of things into consideration as long as it was done within the spirit of the terms to begin with.
  12. http://cngoons.com/Board/index.php?topic=2999.msg29323#msg29323 Here's Spudtech, some of you may recall him over another rogue incident.
  13. Since you're quoting me and not giving me an answer I'll ask again. Do you YOURSELF, your person, your thoughts, and yes maybe even your soul. Do you find those mercy board winners funny? I'm not expanding my question to include other pubbies. I only care about your personal feelings because in the end, we're all here to cater to you .
  14. You don't find this funny? http://cngoons.com/Board/index.php?topic=3574.0 Or this? http://cngoons.com/Board/index.php?topic=2866.msg27185#msg27185 I mean honestly, read the terms we give people. The Terms may OR may not be avenues for a certain kind of energy that the pubbie might have.
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