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  1. [color="#FF0000"]Stay on topic.[/color]
  2. [color="#FF0000"]Due to the announcement being almost completely OOC, I will move this to the Open World forum.[/color]
  3. [color="#FF0000"]SpacingOutMan and LokiLockpicker have been warned for going offtopic. This ends now, without exceptions.[/color]
  4. [quote name='Atlas' date='06 July 2010 - 10:27 PM' timestamp='1278448018' post='2361418'] [b]Are you endorsing breaking the TOS and rules of Cyber Nations? Players in Cyber Nations are required by the rules to report any cheating that they might be aware of. I don't want to see another post from you implying this and you should abide by the rules in the future. If you have further opinions on the subject or this post of mine you're free to send me a PM instead of posting it in the thread. The rest of you can carry on as usual.[/b] [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]I would like to quote my coll
  5. You people best start behaving like grown ups real fast, or there will be more consequences.
  6. [color="#FF0000"]This thread is about a treaty between CSN and Athens, if you want to discuss broader global history, start a topic in the World Affairs subforum. Stay on topic, the next one going off topic will receive a warning.[/color]
  7. How about you guys all uncheck that caps lock button when you post the next time.
  8. This topic is neither about muffins nor spelling.
  9. This thread is about a treaty between Ragnarok and Nordreich, stay on topic.
  10. Ok, I will say so only once: this topic is solely about the topic mentioned in the OP, nothing else. Any attempt, even indirect or as part of an ontopic post, to go offtopic will receive swift and harsh awards of my own, understood?
  11. Francesca and Epik High each receive a warning for ignoring my warning. More warnings will be handed out to anyone going off topic.
  12. The first and final warning, stop going off topic right now, or warnings will be handed out to everyone who feels like ignoring it.
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