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  1. Good to hear you guys are still around, still, gravedigging is against the rules.
  2. This is better suited for the Open World Forum.
  3. [color="#FF0000"][b]Get back on topic or stop posting, now.[/b][/color]
  4. [color="#FF0000"]Moved to World Affairs.[/color]
  5. [color="#FF0000"][b]Stop the double posts. There is a multi-quote option, use it.[/b][/color]
  6. [b][color="#FF0000"]How about you guys all relax a bit, k?[/color][/b]
  7. [color="#FF0000"][b]No, this thread won't be about that or any other off-topic subjects. Anyone who disagrees gets a warn.[/b][/color]
  8. [color="#FF0000"][b]Stay on topic guys.[/b][/color]
  9. [color="#FF0000"][b]Stay on topic guys.[/b][/color]
  10. [color="#FF0000"][b]Duells are not part of the topic. Get back on it or stop posting.[/b][/color]
  11. [color="#FF0000"][b]And now that this thread lost all connection with the OP, it's time to end this for good.[/b][/color]
  12. [b][color="#FF0000"]This discussion has nothing to do with the OP. I suggest you all change that.[/color][/b]
  13. [b][color="#FF0000"]You people need to desperately get back on topic. [/color][/b]
  14. [color="#FF0000"]And how about you stop that little excursion into epidemiology and get back on topic [/color]
  15. [b][color="#FF0000"]Actually, if you want to start a new discussion, you will have to start a new topic. And to make sure nothing starts off here: stay on topic, or get warned.[/color][/b]
  16. [color="#FF0000"][b]The trend here seems to go off topic. I strongly advise against that.[/b][/color]
  17. And it seems this thread has run its course, and that is off-topic.
  18. [color="#FF0000"][b]Stay on topic. This is about the formation of a new bloc, nothing else.[/b][/color]
  19. Just to make sure, this thread is about the Ninja's DoW, not about Methrage. Stay on topic people.
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