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  1. Jhouserok[FCC]

    How is this place still alive?

    Yikes, seeing TBB still on here after all these years in original form is a throw back. Hello fellow CNers.
  2. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Fifth Column Confederation (Libertarian Visions)

    Yikes, I didnt even realize people from the original FCC were around, Maine and Methrage, hope you guys are doing well.
  3. Jhouserok[FCC]

    The New Grämlins

    I really miss having to deal with New Gramlins.
  4. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    I saw it said in earlier in the thread, the CNARF references, but I wholly approve of Polar's actions here, so I'll add a Snarf.
  5. Jhouserok[FCC]

    When did you join CN?

    Right before the second Polar war between the NPO and the NAAC, which saw the creation of the NpO.
  6. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Announcement from the New Sith Order

    I never thought I'd have a reason to hail the Sith, IRON yes, but not the Sith. o/ NSO
  7. Jhouserok[FCC]

    TOP/OBR Announcement

    I see Citadel membership in the future.
  8. Far too many years than you should have been around; now the obligatory trolling post is out of the way. Gartz to TOP!
  9. It's rather interesting to see all the TOP loving going on in a BAPS related thread from those they fought beside; have fun guys, and good luck on the rebuilding BAPS.
  10. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Final Soldier Announcement

    Honestly, never have understood the taboo of suggesting applying to an alliance in the disbandment announcement of another alliance; one is dead and one is still around, thus if one would like to be in an alliance I would think the more options they are aware of the better. But really, meh.
  11. Jhouserok[FCC]

    State of Peace

    Well Mogar is rather off on the idea of having OBR in Citadel. The discussions on which included OBR, were held when the formation of Citadel was occuring, back on the DOVE boards(pre-Citadel planning forum), and has been brought up casually in passing only a scant number of times since by people casually reminiscing about things in the past. I don't believe there has been a serious suggestion regarding OBR and Citadel for nearly a year and a half now or more. Anyhow, I'm gracious that OG was given peace, though I will admit the conduct of some during part of this conflict left me rather inflamed.
  12. Above all else, having been in the game since just before PWII, I can honestly say out of all the things I miss the greatest frankly is Ivan Moldavi; love him or hate him, he was one of the single most polarizing personalities inhistory, he was never apologetic about his actions whether you thought him right or wrong, you always knew where you or your alliance stood with him, and he was never bashful about reminding you about his and the NPO/NpO's dominance. Cybernations as a game is just not the same without him. I harkon for the days of yore.
  13. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Game Update

    Oh noes, it'll take five days to fully switch over using the old defcon cycling method, it would appear that defcon cycling is useless now, that's ok.
  14. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Slow Game Performance

    I live in Colorado, and both addresses are having very slow performance. Let me run a trace or two and see what I come up with. Ok, it seems to be a problem as my ISP's servers are attempting to communicate with the first server from atlas.cogentco.com and the third server on there, from the same company. I use Qwest DSL, so perhaps people with this ISP are having similar issues.
  15. Jhouserok[FCC]

    Slow Game Performance

    Last two to three days the game has been responding either slowly, or hanging on me while trying to do many different actions, I know the information is processed, but the next page will not reload until a minute + after I've submitted my action. Don't know if this has been brought to your attention yet, I glanced over this forum before posting, sorry if it's a repost.