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  1. Yikes, seeing TBB still on here after all these years in original form is a throw back. Hello fellow CNers.
  2. Yikes, I didnt even realize people from the original FCC were around, Maine and Methrage, hope you guys are doing well.
  3. I really miss having to deal with New Gramlins.
  4. [quote name='bros2' date='23 February 2010 - 10:19 AM' timestamp='1266945799' post='2199179'] We have the IPs. We know who did it. It wasn't a keylogger.[/quote] Report them to the relevant authorities, hackers get taken down regularly for hacking across borders; while it does take a higher degree of criminality to have taken place, reporting it is just as important because while one instance may not get the fool taken down, enough of them together probably would. I gathered it wasn't a key logger after reading the thread. Not trying to insult people's intelligence about Limewire, just
  5. I'm going to venture to guess that you got hit with a keylogger. I did at one time too and all that got taken was an old unused WoW account, my current one remained intact(Yay authenticator). I suggest you approach internet information security better by not going to unfamiliar links on these forums and others, most of them have keyloggers programmed into the site. Another thing to stay away from is Limewire, which I hear so many people use it makes me sort of sickly satisfied, because the majority of computers I had to repair at my old job were nothing but virus laden computers because the
  6. Humm aid as in, I need an oil and lead trade so I can get microchips and do a direct tech buy; the guy I found who looks promising is in CSN, while he is not at war, his alliance is; thus I can promise him aid for the temporary deal only when CSN exits the war, as I don't want to piss off NSO, who CSN is attacking or anyone else on NSO's side; as well as it would be seen as re-entering the war, which was part of our surrender terms, even though it would ostensibly be on the 'correct' side and not against the greater spirit of the terms. At least he's a small nation and could use Coal and Wheat
  7. [quote name='The Great One' date='15 February 2010 - 08:04 AM' timestamp='1266246271' post='2182974'] Well I don't know for sure how much you spent, but you're probably closer to a years worth of bills now. I'm just sorry I didn't get you down to 15k infra like you had mentioned Pretty close though. [/quote] I made the mistake after KARMA to buy up to 18k infra but not bring my tech levels up to par, so I was way outclassed at upper levels against most probable opponents; and after 16k infra there really isn't that much benefit going higher.
  8. [quote name='The Great One' date='15 February 2010 - 06:05 AM' timestamp='1266239139' post='2182841'] I'm just glad I never had to fight those beasts you had up around 10k tech. Wouldn't have been fun. Good fight you guys, glad I get to peace out with Jhouserok, his warchest never would have run out. [/quote] Oh it wasn't that much. I didn't have a year worth of bills like I could have. Also I was hoping to get some tiger loving but never saw any. D:
  9. There's not really any problem with it, there's just propaganda spin. Had TOP/IRON engaged somewhere else they'd probably have been hit by C&G alliances regardless. And Vlad is pretty perceptive as to why the idea of two different wars being pushed.
  10. I see it as the same war, with the war between NpO and \m/ as a feint to get TOP/IRON engaged and the go all Hulk Smash on them, considering the multiple engagements of C&G/SF alliances and no cancellations of treaties to the NpO by alliances in said blocs, and knowing the desire to destroy TOP harbored by some in said blocs; i see the likely hood of such a ploy as nearly certain when coupled with the rushed peace out by NpO less than an hour after TOP's engagement. Masterful execution, glad I'm sitting it all out, I like being neutral and trying to observe and predict strategies. *Obli
  11. I saw it said in earlier in the thread, the CNARF references, but I wholly approve of Polar's actions here, so I'll add a Snarf.
  12. Right before the second Polar war between the NPO and the NAAC, which saw the creation of the NpO.
  13. I never thought I'd have a reason to hail the Sith, IRON yes, but not the Sith. o/ NSO
  14. This is the perfect example of why I do not use IRC, or support trusting RV to keep things secret, as much as i like his character.
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