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  1. youtube never recommends me any norwegian stuff. Which is really weird because I'm norwegian.
  2. You would need competence to even have a chance at taking this hegemony down. A slim chance. This makes me certain that our Reich will last a thousand years.
  3. He was your operative... So YOU suck on it zionist bankers.
  4. O snap, I can feel the glow of his awesome not caring about CN life through that last PM. The radiance is forcing me out of my basement and into the loving embrace of pizza rolls.
  5. Who you would like to be is even worse than who you are now, but you are suffering from delusions when it comes to what you're like. You can't expect to just include an empty qualifier like "lol I'm fallen" and then go ahead and spout the most vicious hatred disguised in a velvet glove and then think people will accept your humbleness. If you really believed all humans were filthy in the eyes of God, why do you think yourself better than other sinners? Empty statements to the contrary doesn't qualify if they are preceded by and followed by condemnation of others. Adding the fact that you seem to believe in what you're saying makes you worse than if you were insincere and simply trying to rouse hate for your own petty ego. You actually believe in the disgusting things you say.
  6. I am quite serious. You may not think yourself wretched and vile, most people would consider themselves righteous and good. But try to believe me, you really are wretched. Your every opinion is vile. You are corrupted, possibly beyond redemption. You are revolting. What makes you so horrible is that you think you are just, you think you are loving. You are the opposite of everything you believe yourself to be.
  7. You and your conclusions are beyond wrong, they are morally and ethically reprehensible. You are a disgusting human being, please do not breed or preach ever.
  8. We tried, but their souls will not be saved. Even though the missionaries worked diligently they have yet to officially adopt Allarchonu as their one true god.
  9. That's what passes for a snow storm around there?
  10. I'm sorry, but what penkala said would be true no matter who said it. I'm happy that you've decided to disregard it though.
  11. Penkala is right, but please continue to not believe him. It benefits us greatly that you carry on doing what you do.
  12. You should roll VE for this as they're obviously not going to cough up the dough.
  13. These people should just surrender and start handing over ~90% of their technology right away. It'll save them a lot of infra and possibly a couple of hundred million or so in warchests, if they even have any. Anyone who was party to these talks needs to realize that the chance of success is zero. You are being watched, you wont even be able to sneeze without the new hegemony knowing.
  14. I don't see a problem with letting allies have some fun with rogues. Maybe I'm biased because we get so few and our allies get more.
  15. Accept that you're fat and have bad skin (judging by your highly edited photo). After that everything will be much easier. You'll even see that most people don't have perfect skin or weight. Or in case that's not a highly edited photo of you or a drawing, take comfort in your photoshop filter abilities and become a devianTART. It will be your very own hugbox and your emotions will improve. Lastly, you should never ask the internet what to do. Though since you're not serious you get bonus points.
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