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To suggest or to not suggest...




Hello dear readers,

this one will be a quick one - but with a request, a serious request.

Over the last weeks and months I have noticed more and more people contacting me (via IRC, PM or even ingame) and sending me suggestions, concepts and idas. And then they asked me if I could not go suggesting them for them, because they felt that I somehow have magical influence on the admin, or that stuff just "looks better" just because I post it.

That is not the case. Please stop doing it.

At first: The admin does *not* particulary "like" me more than other players. In all our conversations our contact was strictly neutral and to expect anything else does good for no one.

Second: No suggestion has *ever* been implemented without strict review from the administration. It does absolutely not matter if the suggestion is from me, from you or from anyone else. If it is not good, it will fail. Even IF it is good, you still have to convince the admin.

Third: The game needs input from *many* players, not just a few. That is neither good for the game because it makes the trend of changes lopsided, it also is not good for the atmosphere in the suggestionbox. If you have a good suggestion, just go suggest it.

That does of course not mean that I won't help to find flaws or give hints when asked. However, what I will NOT do is:

- posting suggestions in your name

- taking your idea and create a complete concept for you (do your homework alone :P)

- doing the math work for you

- talking to the admin to "advertise" for your suggestion: do that yourself

Last but not least:

I. check out the last few pages of the suggestionbox if what you want is *already* discussed (or something very similar) - in that case participate there instead of making your own discussion

II. check out the fixed links for help HOW to make good suggestions

III. keep RL politics / beliefs or CN alliance politics OUT of suggestions. That will not lead to *any* results.

Good luck with your suggestions,




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Bollocks Syzygy. You know that you're my pet and anything you say gets implemented into the game.


I'm teasing and I hope the player base doesn't think that. Good blog entry Syzygy.

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Your point is well taken and an excellent post.

By the way, what's the status of the 39978 suggestions I asked you to make regarding redoing the entire game from top to bottom? Will that be out soon? Thanks for the help.



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III. keep RL politics / beliefs or CN alliance politics OUT of suggestions. That will not lead to *any* results.

It's a shame the latter has been the driving force behind many suggestions. For example, the proposed senate change that received quite a lot of attention and discussion, both from players and the staff.

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You may not have a power over admin, but you do seem to have his attention judging by the fact he follows this blog (which I think is a great thing).

It'd be great to see a future entry where you basically put some questions directly to admin, about what future changes he sees being implemented, what ideas he has for the future, what he would like to see in the game, where he sees the game heading long term etc.

Everyone would love a little glimpse behind the curtain of the man who gave us this great game, and you may be the man to bring us that... ;)

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"- talking to the admin to "advertise" for your suggestion: do that yourself"

Does this actually work? If so I cannot help but lose a bit of faith in the Suggestion Forum. Players should be able to have a fair hearing for his or her ideas in the SF alone, and not have to feel that, unless they go to The Big A to constantly bug him about how their idea is deserving of implementation, they are at an immediate disadvantage in getting their suggestion recognised.

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