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Official announcement from the League of Small Superpowers

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Often LoSS government have a lot of disagreements. However, we all found ourselves in agreement that this war is rooted from the stupidity and stubbornness of two alliances.

However, it has, with some exceptions, also seen a lot of people acting very honorably. For this we are thankful.

Genesis, you have declared war on Nemesis; thus, we hereby declare war on Nemesis Genesis.

Also, for the regrettable decision of releasing the leviathan that is SuperMarioForce onto Nemesis, we hereby declare war on Ascended Republic of Elite States and SuperMarioForce.



Co God Ben - Hippie

Legion-X - Confederate

Phoebus - secret overlord of TCI

Desert Ratz - Minister of Destruction

Neuronia - Minister of Trollin'

Lord Slade - Minister of the Ladies

Sam Winters - Minister of 2400 HHMM

Arkarian - Minister of bad $@! (eat your heart out, no40s)

Junior - Minister of Free Beer

Special Guest Sigs:

Daggarz - Triumvirate of Nemesis, part time Janitor of LoSS, Aussie Underlord and destroyer of innocence

draov - Nemesis Triumvir, Representitive for Gay Pineapple the world over.

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