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The Rheinmark Unveils New Military Technology

Cody Seb

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Oberndorf am Neckar, Baden-Wurttemberg, die Rheinmark

Today Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken Firearms, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and the Rheinmark government have announced several new projects, the most interesting of which is the new Rovdjur Mobile Defense System.

The original design for the Rovdjur was, when it came down to it, a defensive position that can move itself. The design was not meant to be especially agile in terms of the battlefield, but it made up for it in its sheer ability to take and deal fire. However, with the evolution in design came an evolution of interest and purpose. The vehicle is not much more mobile, sacrificing the immense firepower it once wielded. The design still maintains a large amount of firepower, but now the system is able to much more effectively move about the battlefield and the front lines while ferrying and protecting contingents of troops.


The Rovdjur, Scandinavian for Predator, is an evolution of the APC. Utilizing tried and true engineering and military technology, the system is not especially groundbreaking in terms of revolutionizing military transoprt engineering, but it is soundly built upon principles proven over and over again in the fields of war.

Atop the Rovdjur are four gunnery stations, 2 being .50 caliber turrets and 2 being reloadable rocket artillery. In the center is a dual-barrel artillery system, the primary weapon, that enables the rate of fire of the Rovdjur's main weapon to increase by approximately 75%. The weapon does not fire both barrels at a time, but rather cycles between the two, enabling reloading to be done at a much quicker pace.

The Rovdjur is also capable of holding up to 20 infantrymen inside, similar to an APC.

A few things should be noted about the design. The gunnery stations have since had their protection upgraded, to further ensure the safety of their operators. Secondly, the design of the upper hull as been slightly tweaked to provide for increase field of fire for the main gun. That is to say, the gunnery stations have been slightly lowered while the main weapon has been elevated, enabling it to safely fire above and around the gunnery stations with no risk of friendly fire upon the vehicle itself.

Currently, 3 Rovdjur's have been produced and fielded, with 3 more in production. After the evaluation of the year end budget, the Rheinmark may or may not continue the production of the Rovdjur for domestic use.

Open for export to EU Members; Open to export for Government Approved Requests. Current Unit Price: 8 Million Marks

Oberndorf am Neckar, Baden-Wurttemberg, die Rheinmark



Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken's newest addition to its Machinenpistole family is the MP9, an evolution in sub-machinegun technology. With improved accuracy and sturdier build, the MP9 is simply continuing the tradition of improvement of every Schwarzwald MP generation. The MP9 also comes standard with a miniature picktanny rail and red dot sights, allowing for customization of a new level for SMG's.

Another revolution of the SMG design is the option for the inclusion of a small grenade launcher mounted beneath the primary barrel. While not a full size grenade, the rounds used by this system are capable of yielding a 15 foot blast radius each.

Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken's stellar reputation regarding SMG's has not ended. In fact, it only grows with the release of the MP9, an SMG that is sure to become a standard in the modern world.

Export to any Government Approved Request; Current Unit Price: 375 Marks [450 Marks with Grenade Launcher Pre-Attached

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"Holy Roman military analysts have determined the 'Rovdjur' to either be completely useless or a joke by Rheinmark's government.

No sane soldier would expose himself like that."

OOC: I already noted a difference from the picture and the actual design in the sales briefing.

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The Kingdom of Cochin would like to place orders for 3 Rovdjur Mobile Defense Systems and 10,000 units of the H&K MP9. We estimate a total order value of 28.5 Million Marks. Would Rheinmark be interested in this sale?

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The Kingdom of Cochin would like to place orders for 3 Rovdjur Mobile Defense Systems and 10,000 units of the H&K MP9. We estimate a total order value of 28.5 Million Marks. Would Rheinmark be interested in this sale?

Yes we would. Your order has been processed and will begin construction immediately.

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NDI Incorporated would like to inquire on the possibilities of the NoN acquiring a Rovdjur unit sans turrets in addition to a fully loaded Rovjur unit.

This is possible. The changes will be noted upon the beginning of construction.

How well can the Rovdjur resist landmines and portable infantry carried missile launchers?

The tires themselves, as well as the axles, wheels, and hubs, are specifically designed to resist explosive weapons, as well as heavy weapons fire.

How easy is it to render the tires inoperable for the standard infantryman?

It is not easy. If they could even get close enough to the vehicle to even begin attempting to damage it, it would still be as much of a challenge as disabling a tank. What needs to be remembered is the application of the vehicle. The Rovdjur is not meant to take on the front lines, it is meant to be a mobile defensive 'post,' for all intensive purposes.

*Private to Rheinmark*

We are interested in purchasing 5 rovdjur and 1000 MP9 for testing purposes, the money will be wired immediately

Private Reply

Approved. Simply wire the money, as your order is being processed as we speak.

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