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It was that time of the year again.

Across the Republic of New England, while newspapers circulated and people petitioned in front of state (well, more like territorial) capitols in many of New England’s territories, a hot issue was up in the air.

In fact, it was the issue of the year, aside from the Constitution and the ongoing democratic reforms taking place in the country. But what was it, you ask?

Admission into the Union, of course! The Statehood Parties in the territories of Ohio, New Columbia, and now Delaware and Maryland, had lobbied long and hard to garner enough support from the population, and then to have the territorial governments pass on petitions, covered with millions of signatures (literally!), to Boston. Now that the petitions were in the government offices in the New Englander Capitol, hundreds of thousands of supporters waited anxiously as debate opened up (more like resumed) in the National Assembly regarding the territories’ desire for statehood.

The streets of Columbus (and many Ohioan cities), Washington City, Dover (and many Delawarean cities), and Baltimore (and many Marylander cities) were filled with crowds holding banners such as “Statehood for Maryland Now!” or “State of Ohio, not Territory of Ohio!” or “Let Washington into the Union, please!

The question on everyone’s lips (and on the headline of newspapers and titles of journals, blogs, and articles) was, “Will the Territories be admitted into the Union?”

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OOC: i hope you guys realise the last time someone went off on a tangent about cookies, Sargun reported them? :P

OOC: An OP derailing his/her own topic? I never heard someone being reported for that...

EDIT: And it appears that some people choose to ruin JEDCJT's day by voting "no".

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The results were: 55% against and 37% in favor. The National Assembly, at first in a stalemate, now voted against the admission of the Territories into the Union, citing that they "didn't adequately meet the standards for statehood", even through this wasn't defined clearly.

The news was greeted with shock, disappointment, and even anger from the various Statehood parties. Across Ohio, Maryland, New Columbia, and Delaware, members wept, expressed their frustration and anger, or gave up and went home. Some of them vented their anger and frustration: a ruffle in Columbus was quickly quelled by police, the same happening in Baltimore, Washington City, Annapolis, and Dover. Territorial governors expressed their utter disappointment at the results. "Don't the National Assembly ever realize that we have had desired representation for a long time, and that we've shown that we were ready for representation in the Assembly?" The Governor of New Columbia, Adrian Fenty stated in a press statement in Washington City. "To be denied the opportunity of representation...I cannot fathom that. Taxation without representation, indeed."

But even so, the Statehood Parties and their supporters vowed to intensify their efforts for statehood.

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OOC: To make it more fair, you should probably have a seperate poll for each of the states...

IC: Promised Land quietly observed the process without commenting. American affairs were no longer of much concern.

OOC: Heh, that's a good idea. I'd do that the next time I make a thread about statehood. :D

That, or not do it at all and just admit the territories with my made up vote. :awesome:

IC: New England quietly observed Promised Land's quiet observation of New England's affairs, which were no longer of much concern to Promised Land.

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