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It is with a heavy heart that Rubber Ducky Division announces that Roseblood will be stepping down from our Triumvirate. As often happens real life takes precedence over CN. Roseblood’s contributions to RDD have been invaluable and although he is stepping down from an official government position we are fortunate enough to still have him in our alliance. I know he will always be there to help and advise us if ever the need should arise. RDD <3s you Roseblood!

In his wisdom Roseblood has chosen Woopsi, our current Minister of Foreign Affairs, as his replacement in Rubber Ducky Division’s Triumvirate. Woopsi is a loyal and devoted Ducky with mad CN skillz. We know he will do a wonderful job in his new position and it goes without saying that RDD <3s him too!


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oh god, Sorry for your lose RDD.. that woopsi fellow seems abit dodgy to me.. Edit: OOC: crud! woopsi gets sops now..Imma actually scared for when he comes on IRC.. =P

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