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WAPA/CCC Announcement


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"We Are Christ's Army Pact"

Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty (PIAT) with ODP


This document hereby establishes a strengthened bond of friendship between We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries. It will stand to protect the safety, security, and prosperity of all members through the mutual distribution of information.


It is understood that both We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries will remain sovereign and independent bodies.

III. Aggression

A. No acts of aggression between Christian Coalition of Countries and We Are Perth Army shall exist for the duration spanning the ratification of this document. Acts of aggression within this treaty are defined as:

  • A Declaration of War against the other signing entity;

  • Monetary or military aiding of a known enemy of the other signing entity;

  • Spy infiltrations of individual nations or alliances as a whole;

  • Threatening/Hostile statements exchanged on boards, IRC, or ingame PM;

B. In the event of a military conflict occurring which would create the unenviable situation of obligating We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries to engage each other, both parties shall declare neutrality towards the other. This may be voided by a mutual decision between both We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries.

IV. Aggression Violation

If a member of an undersigned alliance violates the terms outlined in Article III A, they will be given twenty-four hours after being notified of the violation to offer peace and pay reparations equal to the damage inflicted. Payment of reparations may be neglected only if the undersigned would be violating a preexisting treaty or document of surrender by doing so. Defending nations will not retaliate unless the the offender fails to comply within the twenty-four hour period.

If the offending nation refuses to comply, the offending nation's alliance will investigate the incident thoroughly and hand out punishment and/or reparations as appropriate.


A. Although it is not mandated for Christian Coalition of Countries and We Are Perth Army to partake in economic, military, or technological exchange, it is encouraged as an act of open diplomacy and continued friendly relations.

B. In times of war, it is possible that any aid exchanged could spell trouble for the We Are Perth Army and/or Christian Coalition of Countries. Due to this, any aid transactions that would occur during this time of hostilities will be suspended if the signatories listed are not facing a mutual enemy. This can be voided by mutual agreement between appropriate officials of both alliances.


With the passing of this document, Christian Coalition of Countries and We Are Perth Army agree to open exchange of intelligence regarding any sort of diplomatic or militaristic action one is considering. For this to happen, it is heavily encouraged that the parties pursue continued intercommunication. Discussion through one another's forums, IRC channels, and using in-game PM systems to exchange information.

VII. Civility

Both signatory alliances shall be resolute in their in their demands that the members of their alliances act in a civil and polite manner when speaking to members of the other signatory alliance, especially in public forums and other populated venues. Excessive violation of this clause is grounds for immediate revocation of this treaty in full with a 72 hour grace period as stated below.

VIII. Termination

A. This document may be terminated by the decision of the governing bodies of either one (1) of either Christian Coalition of Countries or We Are Perth Army. A grace period of 72 hours is to exist between the statement of intent (delivered directly to Leadership or Foreign Affairs Minister of either signatory) and the actual termination of the treaty.

B. Any Amendment to this treaty may be revoked individually or as part of the Full Treaty between We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries according to these terms.

IX. Ratification

We, the undersigned officials of Christian Coalition of Countries and We Are Perth Army agree to the terms outlined in this treaty as binding and tolerable, and wish to pursue such relations and to keep a strong and healthy bond throughout the duration of this ever growing friendship.

Pledge of Optional Defense

I. We Are Perth Army and Christian Coalition of Countries hereby additionally acknowledge this document as a pledge of optional defense. While not mandated, this

Amendment authorises the signatories to request Military and Diplomatic aid in times of war.

II. This Amendment may only be activated for military action upon a direct attack upon either signatory.

III. Any decision to aid - Militarily or Diplomatically - shall be considered with all haste at the time of the request by the Providing Signatory's Leadership and Foreign Affairs officials.

IV. Declining a request to assist does not constitute a revocation of this Amendment.

Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries:

Slave2Jesus, Chancellor

Jelly Doughnut, Vice-Chancellor

Ogden Chichester, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Zion7, Minister of Defense

Les Paul Supreme, Minister of Internal Affairs

Signed for We Are Perth Army:

The Firm:

Earl Dumarest.


Big Yogi.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Burnsey

Deputy Minister of Foreign of Affairs: Big Erchie

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This image at the head of this original post is of the Agnus Dei, or Lamb of God, at St John's Kirk in Perth. That particular church is the oldest building in Perth - many hundreds years old. It replaced an even earlier church, also dedicated to John The Baptist.

It is because the town originally grew around the church that its old name was St John's Toun, from which the football club of St Johnstone, without which we would not have a WAPA, got its name.

A version of the Agnus Dei is also visible in the WAPA flag.

All this makes this treaty strangely fitting.

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I am very pleased to see this treaty become a reality. For a very long time there has been a steady current of good will within the CCC towards the great alliance that is WAPA, nice to have that good will coalesce from both sides into this well written treaty.



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Arghhh. This has finally finished.

Looks like council can do work without me miracle.

o/ CCC


To our new brothers.

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