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Recruit Me!!!!

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I need a good alliance that is friendly, has active members and nice forums. I don't mind smaller alliances or really big ones. I would like an alliance that could offer me some knowledge of the game through an academy and an alliance that can offer rewards and aid. I would also like an alliance where everyone can have some sort of say in the government or even work their way up to becoming government. Bit of a nooby thing but i would really like an alliance that can offer me some start up aid.

I would prefer not to change my team as i have just got into a trade circle.

So Go on and recruit me.

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Hello there,

TIO is just the alliance you are looking for! We are a quality over quantity alliance! Our members go through a complete academy that teaches them everything about the game! In addition to that, Your mentor will be there to assist you! Our nation growth programs means your aid slots will always be filled with tech deals and aid!

Moreover, Our alliance hosts an extremely active community due to our filtering! We also beleive all our members are equal and have their say and may run for government if they see themselves fit to do so.

Join The Few, The Elite, The Imperial Order.

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I messaged you in game, USCN has by far the most Aid available thru our IAEP-NDP-an economic treaty we signed and also thru an arrangement we have finalized to give each USCN Nation million$$$ in aid.

Target for each USCN Nation is 3,999.99 infra and soon after to get them up to 500 tech.

Info is in my sig but click here to visit USCN Forums

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Join the Coalition of Armed Nations "CAN"

Let me guess; You wanna know why to join!

Let me ask, Why not?

We are a very fun, very nice, very cool alliance on the yellow sphere. We have alot of cool friends & even cooler protectors! We are protected by Global Republic of Armed Nation "GRAN" some of our friends are; UINE, DOA, WFF, SMF, and many more! Even though we are on the yellow team, we get all of our members Trade Circles & Tech Deals galore. We have a very exciting Academy which unlike most alliance, You won't spend most your time in. All of our government & members are cool, smart, fun, and very nice! You don't know the fun you'll have till you join!

Feel free to get more info or drop by just to hang out on our;

Forums- http://s1.zetaboards.com/cnCAN/

IRC Channel- #CAN on the ColdFront

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The Shadow Confederacy Empire would be good for you, we're all experienced and active so we'll teach you anything you need to know plus because we're only small right now you can get involved straight away. council positions are available and with training you can take one. we're a friendly group too, with bigger alliances you tend to get lost in the crowd but with us you'll be made to feel at home. you'll get startup aid (3 mil and then more through tech deals). as for changing your team, we can probably sort something out so you can keep your trade circle

if you want anymore info just ask away

Sir D

TSCE Praetor of Immigration

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Well, let me tell you one thing, there are loads to choose from that have just what you're looking for! The most information about TYR is in the link in my signature... see if we're different :) It's 01:24 and don't have much time to write a proper recruiting message.. the one in my sig is the best I've got ;)

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well now lets see what i can do to interest you...

You said you are looking for a new alliance, small or large. The Pirates Of The Parrot Order is a small alliance and we focus on building up our members through trades and tech deals. if a member is interested in a govt position they are free to take up a position whether it be recruiting/Internal Affairs/or whatever else you would like to help out in. Every member can give suggestions on any particular matter.

After signing up you will be sent an easy quiz about the basics of Cybernations to receive $3mil in starter aid...we do prefer you be in the aqua sphere do to an agreement with MHA but we do understand those kinds of circumstances and it'd be fine.

if you have any questions about anything please dont hesitate to ask.

you can pm here at my nation Brumin, post a message here, or even drop by our forums http://s1.zetaboards.com/PPO/index/

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I'm going to go against the grain and recommend an alliance i'm not in (mainly b/c we have a rigorous application process that accepts very few).

the New Polar Order is by far the msot economically advanced alliance in the game. Withouth going into details on their inner workings, If you're active and contribute to the alliance you'll get built up to a nuclear capable nation very quickly. They are one of the few alliances of their size where any member can come in and make an impact right out of the gate. Their academy program is second to none and it'll give you a firm grasp on the games mechanics. You can find out more about them by going to polarorder.net and applying, or you can always shoot this guy a message in game http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=56049

hope that helps :)

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Hmm, the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics sounds good for you. We are a medium sized alliance with about 100 members. We have a very good academy, and 15 million in aid through the academy. As an older alliance we have quite a bit of experience with the game, so our academy has a lot of info for newer nations to learn a lot about the game. We have fairly active forums, and would be happy to have another active member. If you have any questions feel gree to ask. Link to our forums is in our sig, or you can check out oir recruitment thread here

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Well then, I'm in the mood for posting - so you are in luck.

I represent The Legion, and we are one of the oldest alliances in the Cyberverse. Founded in January 2006, we can claim to have the most history of any alliance - from the name change, to the superswelling members, to the spectacular collapses in war, to the disbandment crisis, to the alliance wide peace mode order, to the release of the Viceroy, and then two more government structure changes. Still, we stand - still, we are strong.

We have a strong core base of about 60 members (we have 400 in total) on the forum who are on everyday, you'll find our forums very pretty and purple (I have grown an appreciation for the colour), just look for yourself: www.avelegio.net

Due to our own domain we can do things such as Java IRC clients, automatic exam marking and other systems, arcade and the ability to put more forums or more webpages under the flagship domain - and means programming skills are in demand. We do have many opportunities for growth, and we are actually trialling a new form of program that will get you around about $27 million in profit by my estimates. However before this, we do offer $3 mil entrance aid, and then as we have an abundance of buyers, you can get into a tech deal very quickly - in fact I have 2 slots open if you want to deal :P

We have an Academy, complete with Legion History, and with a war guide, nation building guide, etc. We are constantly updating our guides to ensure compliance with the latest discoveries - a quick look in the Game Mechanics Staff Room will confirm this... it's quite hectic.

Although our Government isn't exactly democratic as it appears, we do hold the principles of our previous Governments - of everyone having a say. We have had a huge influx of members, and I can say, and you can ask other newbies to the Legion to see if this is true - that everyone does listen, because we have found that's the way to find the next Hall of Famer. New blood means new opinions, new ways and that can point to progress.

We have many job opportunities ranging from Defence, to Economics, to Foreign Affairs and even Internal Affairs - or you can lounge about, we don't discriminate. You also do not have to change your team, and I should mention we do have an entrance exam (14/20 pass rate) multiple choice - but it's pretty easy, you'll have to read the guides and you'll have a firm grasp of the game afterwards. If you have any trouble, not only will you have your assigned mentor, but also the entire Legion to assist you - and that's the beauty of it.

So here's our forums, take a peek - you'll see what I mean. www.avelegio.net

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Thanks for all the recruitment messages. Unfortunately i can only choose 1 alliance to join.

I have decided to join the USCN, sorry to everyone else, i know it takes time and effort to post recruitment messages, so sorry but i have applied for USCN.

Thanks for your time and effort for these messages,


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