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The Desolate Wasteland


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Seven ships departed from La Palma Port today; the destroyers, HMS Jason Drake and HMS James Drake, one commercial ship for colonists and workers, and four cargo ships bearing supplies necessary to build a base and survive.

"So, what do you think?" one colonist asked, leaning against the rail of the commercial ship.

"Hm? Oh, hey, Albert. What do you mean?" A second man had been watching the island of La Palma fade into the distance.

"We're the first Drakorians-"

"Caucasians, Bert."

"Whatever. The first of our nation to go to Antarctica! Awesome, ain't it, Bazeh?"

"You realize this won't be fun, right? Antarctica's cold as $%&@ and it's boring as !@#$," the man named Bazeh said dully.

"Don't be a downer."

"Should I wait till I get frostbite?"

"Eh, whatever. Want to go play pool in the dining hall?"

"Sure, why not?"

*Public Statement*

Caucasia hereby declares its intent to create a research region in Antarctica. The intent will be to study ice samples, and whatever wildlife there is in the region. Below is our claim.


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Marscurian Pakistan views this as a lame rip-off of a much cooler settlement. While we wonder what the interest in Antarctica is all of a sudden, we shall not stand in your way.

OOC: trying too hard man.

OOC: Not trying to rip it off. I would have drawn "vagina" and an odd shaped arrow from Californian's area to mine if I were.

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When the Disparuean Ambassador to Caucasia, Sally Murphy, heard about the new territory, she was unable to stop laughing for an entire fifteen minutes before she was able to compose herself.

"We wonder why nations are suddenly making out words in Antarctica's map. Nevertheless we congratulate Caucasia for this latest territory."

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