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  1. Have a happy new year, JED~

  2. Have a happy new year, Meshy-kun~ :D

  3. Aah, I see :P

    I figured you were probably talking about that, but it's been up since July and I've had severe hosting issues with my other sites, too, so I couldn't be sure. Anyway, thanks :P

  4. Rebellious Thoughts, of course. :P

  5. Glad to see that your site is up and running again. o/

  6. Nah, I was too busy blowing up HHAYD's Transformers defence. :P

  7. Even though my wuvs go to you, if I had nukes I would have to share. :P Oh, btw, jealous cause I blew up the meeting center before you? :P

  8. I was referring to the first sentence, by the way.


    Nah, just kidding. :P

  9. Sadly enough, I can't nuke you. I can only use the only way to express my affection on my true love, HHAYD. :(


    I'm being sarcastic, of course. '

  10. Be prepared. Jubilife will BURN!!! :P

  11. Indeed. :3 Now, please excuse me, I have to prepare Operation Tonight We Dine in Hell. :ph34r:

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