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Are you lost? Adrift without an alliance? Has your current alliance gone inactive and now has that "not-so-fresh" feeling? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Farkistan may be just the alliance you've been looking for!

Fark is now undergoing a membership drive! Join today, and you, too, will be a part of the wildest, drunkenest, totally-farked-up-with-the-cat-threads alliance in Cyber Nations!

We can also provide you with some startup cash!**


Act now, and you'll also receive a scholarship to Farkistan University!

At Fark U., you can take any one of our exciting learning programs, such as Accounting, Auto Repair Technician, Bookkeeping, Business Management, Carpentery, Child Day Care Management, Dental Assistant, Diesel Mechanics, Dressmaking and Design, Electronics Technician, Feline Hairball Removal Specialist, Floral Designer, Hospitality Management, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Industrial Engineering Technology, Interior Design, Java Programmer, Legal Secretary, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Office Assistant, Motorcycle Repair Technician, Occupational Therapy Aide, Paralegal Studies, Pet Groomer, Pharmacy Technician, Plumbing, Private Investigator, Professional Bridal Consultant, Refrigerator Repair Technician, Small Engine Repair, Teachers Aide, Veterinary Technician, or Wildlife and Forestry Conservation.

Now that Fark is no longer at war with the Initiative, joining us is no longer a death sentence! We're growing rapidly, and are always looking to help our members get some extra cash through tech deals or aid trains. We also have a thriving forum community rich with cat threads, hot girls kissing, drunken debauchery, and much, much MORE!

So, don't just sit there staring at a blank monitor and wishing you were part of a vibrant, and vibrating, community so full of win that we've been permanently banned from Vegas! Stop by and check us out! Bring the kids along, we've got plenty of snakes and lizards for them to play with while you snoop around!

But, this is a limited time offer, so act now! Operators are standing by.


**Nations will receive up to $100,000 upon successful completion of Moshzilla and Mustard Man training. Nations receiving the bonus who leave Farkistan within 30 days will be required to repay the full amount received.

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Amidst the war, across the trenches exhausted armies are carefully in the alert.

A sharp eyed Farker sees something rapidly approaching from the sky and yells Incoming!!! and throws himself to the bottom of the trench.

A 'thud' is hear and something lands and rolls down next to the poor guy.. opening one eye he dares look, only to see a package with a note attached to it.

He opens the package to find a piece of cake and a six pack of well shaken beer ;)

The note says: Whats up guys? join us for drink later?

Best of luck in the conflict.

King Vitauts the Great.

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Its Over!

You managed to walk away from the war with your head held high and your honor intact.

those are the most imporant things.. and as any Farker knows: Infra? Pfft! Please! knowing how to rebuild is ingrained in us!

So congratulations in what I consider a successful war campaign (obtaining the praise of Bilrow and GGA high comand is not easy)

And hoping for renewed cordial relations,

King Vitauts,

Protectorate of Curland

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Well, we have been distracted of late..

(Wars with Goons, RnR, Baps, EoTRS, LSF) so we have not come to visit in a while.

Well, lets remedy that: Hail Fark!

We are dropping by for a visit :)

King Vitauts

what do you have in the fridge? hey.. can I change the channel?

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Hmm...it seems that only me, Cooch and of course Vitauts are the only ones that bump this thread.

We need more crazy farkers in this thread.


Crazy Farkers! Wake up!!! Tsk, its no use, they are all sleeping with the squirrels hugging empty beer bottles.

A friendly salute

from your local animal control officer

King Vitauts the Great

Edited by Vitauts
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How can you guarantee that that initiative type business wont happen again?

The "Initiative type business" started because of a combination between the alleged rivalry between our offsite boards and GOONS offsite boards and some incredible stupidity by some of the first members of Farkistan.

GOONS are no longer in the large power bloc, and those members of Farkistan are no longer in our alliance, so the situation is academic.

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