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Formal declaration of neutrality

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Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt

Declaration of Neutrality

The United Netherlands hereby affirms it stance on foreign issues, defined here as all issues in which the Republic of the United Netherlands has no official role to play, either diplomatically or in domestic issues abroad, that it will stay out all out all foreign affairs and pursue a policy of strict neutrality (as is also outlined in the Union of Utrecht) which means that the following rules will apply to diplomatic and foreign relations with the nations of the world:

Our rights:

-We reserve the right to intern all belligerent troops of any nation that cross our borders. Belligerent troops may not invade our terriroty and we will not invade theirs. We renounce war as a way of settling international disputes.

-We reserve the right to be treated as a peaceful country by belligerent parties meaning that humanitarian missions under Dutch or Red Cross flag can and will not be hindered.

-We reserve the right to give shelter to refugees (regardless of creed, political ideas, gender, age, race or personal history) any way we choose when he, she or they reaches our borders, a vessel (or airplane) under Dutch flag or diplomatic post (this includes foreign escaped prisoners of war).

-We reserve the right to be refrained from seeing Dutch citizens being actively recruited to serve in foreign organizations or armed forces- but they may join voluntarily at their own choice but they will loose citizenship upon their enlistment in foreign service.

-We reserve the right to maintain communications with both sides during a international conflict- as well as providing them with communication facilities.

-We reserve the right not too disclose any information about persons seeking refuge in our country- personally, medically or financially, to third parties.

-We reserve the right to pursue free trade with all sides. This may involve weapons sales but foreign troops or weapons may not be transported over our soil.

Our duties:

- We will refrain from joining organizations whose rules may undermine our policy of neutrality. Politically, militarily or economically.

- We will allow naval ships of belligerent parties to dock at our ports or airfields for humanitarian reasons but their stay will be limited to 24 hours. Exceptions will be made for repairs but the minimum of repairs will be made- enough to put the ship back to sea. An exception will be made for the occasion that two vessels of opposing sides use our docks/airfields. Then one shall be given a 24 hour head start.

- We will intern any foreign troops on our soil and we will refrain from giving support to belligerent parties.



S. van Slingelandt

Federal President of the Republic of the United Netherlands


R.J Schimmelpennick

Raadpensionaris of the Republic of the United Netherlands and of the Commonwealth of Holland & Westfriesland


F.A.L Vandermeersch

Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

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The Chimairan Republic hereby affirms it's stance in line with the policies of the Republic of the United Netherlands. We also reaffirm the neutrality of this fledging country, and it's rights. We view this nation as taking a step towards good measures, both to protect itself and remain out of war, but also open itself up as a benchmark one day all nations should follow. While the Chimairan Republic is a Nationalist, Authoritatian, and Republican state that retains a good-sized standing military at all times, and upholds semi-voluntary military service, we view our policy as in lines with those of the Netherlands. The Chimairan Republic affirms it's neutrality as well, and a semi-isolationistic stance upon Foreign Affairs. However, we view the Netherlands as a friend with whom we can open some relations with, despite our past circumstances and the history of our beloved Republic. We believe the United Netherlands has a right to those listed, and the guarantee they have put out. As per the Troika's request, and the decisions of the Senate, we hereby also move for better relations with this state, and possible ambassadorial sectors in one another's respective capitals.



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