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  1. OOC: Chris.. I added some movements to my post that I didn't get a chance to address before as I was at work. Peace! I'm off to bed.
  2. Are any of those countries even at war?
  3. OOC: Good fun all around, though I'm not sure how I feel about sending someone money in game for an rp treaty.
  4. Right then, my coteacher showed up today and she's bringing her friends in to teach English for the rest of the week. She offered to me the opprotunity to piss off for the rest of the week, but I turned her down. Going into the school twice a week has become a fixed part of my schedule that I really enjoy. Despite having an extra load of intensive classes dumped in my lap at the last minute I went to the school on Monday and rescheduled my classes for another time this week. The kids seemed a bit surprised that I had taken the effort to make my way down to their place to organize a new time.
  5. They did it because they were idiotic enough to believe that their biological weapon of terror wouldn't kill anyone. In fact it did kill someone, 533 someones, and this fact makes the person who ordered that attack guilty of mass murder.
  6. Since when is it planet Bob's business who gets paid what reps? You want to know what size of underpants I wear while you are busy being so nosy?
  7. A tourist from Somal looks up at the blimp and is heard saying, "You know as much as I hate those scum from Promised Land... That blimp is a bit much." He then shrugs his shoulders and joins the protest.
  8. M'Bossa A nervous looking fellow walks up to the podium and taps the microphone prior to saying, "Hello, testing, testing, testing." Once he is certain that the microphone works he exits the stage. A moment later Major General Thomas Johns walks onto the stage and is immediately bombarded with a volley or three of questions from the waiting media hounds. "Sir, what evidence do you have that Promised Land is behind the bio attack," screams a rather anxious looking reporter? "Sit down gentlemen and I'll answer one question at a time," orders Major General Thomas Johns as he waits for order to
  9. OOC: Was the exchange ever rped? If not, the nuclear card he's holding is a duece at best.
  10. Yes the government of Promised Land would and in fact they did launch a biological attack upon the Republic of Free Somal.
  11. Mad Dog Bob Denard ducks his head instinctively as the first of the Khmer rockets and automatic weapons open fire on the convoy he is travelling with. Looking over to his foward air controller he gives him the nod and prepares to watch the show. Up and down the convoy the occasional GAZzler Armored Vehicle explodes or is crippled by incoming fire. A quick message to thirty thousand feet brings in the first of a wave of SOAD precision munitions delivered by a flight of high flying HALOB Bombers. Behind them comes several salvos of 155mm High Explosive rounds designed to rip apart enemy fortif
  12. Absolutely, we prefer justice which Promised Land seems intent on evading.
  13. Agents under the direct control of the government of Promised Land are not rogue agents. The attack was sanctioned by the government of Promised Land. Stop trying to cover up for biological terrorists. It's unbecoming of your government and an embarrassment to your people.
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