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World Liberation Front resurfaces


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Border Post, Southern Curristan

05:00 local time

Private James Lock stood looking over at the now empty lands Lubeck once occupied. Curristan forces had occupied a portion of it only a week before and things were getting back to normal. However, many miles were ungoverned, which meant large amounts of soldiers and equipment guarded the southern areas of Curristan to protect the border.

A jeep started to approach the checkpoint. Private Lock could see that something was on the back of the vehicle, with several more behind it. He was puzzled. "What is this?" he thought.

Suddenly, the quiet was broken as a projectile came flying from the vehicles direction. It landed just behind the border post and exploded. Heavy automatic rifle fire suddenly began hitting his observation post with one rifle round whizzing past his left ear. He dived as an RPG shell flashed past and exploded. He got back up and watched as a couple of his squad came to help him. A bullet suddenly hit him between the eyes and that was the last thing he was aware of.

After 20 more minutes of assault, the attackers withdrew. 30 of them lay dead beside 4 wrecked vehicles. 12 Curristan Soldiers had been killed and 17 injured. Nobody had expected this, but the Curristan government had a suspicion that it was a World Liberation Front attack.

While the Curristan government searched for answers, the Curristan Military was brought to full alert. 4 Divisions numbering 16,000 soldiers were brought into the southern areas in case they were ordered to take out the WLF rebels that were suspected to be in the ungoverned areas to the south.


Curristan Peoples Army M1A1 Abrams MBT in Southern Curristan

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Curristan Network Television has recieved the following statement:

"The World Liberation Front claims responsibility for the Southern Curristan border attack. We did this because we wish to remind the world that they have failed to eradicate us. Now they will pay for their inability to get rid of us for good. We will make Curristan pay for its recent activities in South America and will make it our duty to destroy its government and stability. We will prevail."

With this statement, preperations started to accelerate as logistical operations began to open supply lines for the operation that was to start at 03:00 the following morning. Operation: Retribution was about to begin...

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03:00 Local Time

Curristan Southern Border

Operation Retribution started with a preliminary bombardment.

WLF targets that had been spotted the day before came under heavy fire from M119 105mm Howitzers, M198 155mm Howitzers and M109A2 155mm Self Propelled Guns. At the same time, M1A1 Abrams MBTs with M113A3 APCs and M2 Bradley IFVs crossed the border at 3 points in the eastern area of Southern Curristan.

Early reports suggest that the WLF rebels have withdrawn to better defensive positions

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Day 2

Most northwestern area of the combat zone

Village 2 miles from the Southern Curristan border

06:00 hours

The lead armour of the 6th Division had been engaged in fighting since the following evening with WLF rebels holding positions inside the village. Artillery fire had taken most of them out, but they still held positions on the southern area of the village.

The rest of the advance had began from a section of the Southern Curristan border that ran from the coast to an area opposite the western edge of the salient of empty land that cut into Curristan territory. This is where the Curristan Military would concentrate its efforts and its western flank would advance directly south to the coast and cut the WLF forces off from escaping to the west. That part of the operation would be given the most concentration of supplies while the areas east of that would advance cautiously and draw the WLF forces away from the western sector of the front.


M198 155mm Howitzer firing on WLF positions

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Upon hearing of this, President Ned of Nedland has commented the following:

"Wow, these WLF never give up, do they?! I wish the best of luck to our friends in Curristan!" - President Ned

"I thank you for your support. I assure you the WLF will be crushed in this area."

President Kerry Long

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At 17:00 hours, that evening, the 6th Division's trap finally closed and with Top Gear forces moving to occupy territory west of the area of operations. The WLF forces found themselves without an escape route. Panicked, they tried to flee towards Montevideo. They would attempt to leave by boat to the ungoverned territory on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. Heavy fighting continued to rage as at midnight, Curristan forces reached the southeastern coast, which cut the coastal roads.

Around 01:00 the following morning, the roads heading east and north from Montevideo were cut. WLF forces that had failed to reach the port had been surrounded and either captured or decimated. Montevideo was cut off and surrounded.


Curristan soldiers outside Montevideo

At 03:00 hours the first Curristan unit began their entry into Montevideo. With the WLF forces now trapped in the city, they now fought to keep their escape routes open. Progress was hard going and by early afternoon the following morning two thirds of the city was occupied. At 4:00 hours the advance was resumed. Unfortunately for the WLF forces attempting to escape, a spearhead broke through and captured the port facilities. The remaining WLF forces, numbering 4000, who now sought refuge in their last pocket in the city had evacuated only a small portion of their strength. They were now unable to escape and began to surrender. By midday it was all over.

Reinforcements began to enter the port on requisitoned civilian vessels and also through the roads leading into the city. The campaign was over. But the war against the WLF was far from won.

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With the WLF forces now expelled from the territory, the reconstruction would begin. Also the interrogation of WLF prisoners would also be unertaken to get information about what they were up to and if there were future attacks planned.

However, the problem was that was some WLF units had managed to escape to the ungoverned territory on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. The orders given by the Curristan Military High Command has specified that the Rio de la Plata would be the extreme limit of the advance. The WLF units that had escaped was estimated to be around 700. They would have probally now regrouped and had either moved south to set up new training camps, or now hid on the southern bank, waiting to sink the first ships to arrive in Montevideo.

The first thing that had arrived on the northern bank around Montevideo had been the 6 MIM-104 Patriot SAM Systems of the 6th Division who would protect Montevideo until the coastal defences were extended to protect the city. The 6th Division and its armor had positions around Montevideo and had brought up all of its artillery just in case the WLF forces tried anything. The 3rd Division had positions further north acting as a reserve in case the 6th Division needed reinforcing. A further division the 5th, held positions just inside the newly aquired territory just south of the old southern border. They were the last garrison and protected the roads leading south and the civilian building contractors repairing them.

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With reconstruction efforts underway the Curristan Preisdent, Kerry Long, deep in an election campaign, now declared the WLF had been evicted from the area on Curristan National Television. She also pointed out the war will against the WLF will be a long and hard road.

Meanwhile, the Curristan Times printed a cartoon showing their perspective of the war:


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13:00 hours

Rio de la Plata, outside Montevideo

With Montevideo now open, the first cargo vessels began to arrive at the port. However, the problem was that on the ungoverned territory on the other side of the Rio de la Plata was WLF units firing on them as they approached.

One, suddenly ran out of luck. WLF mortars began to land around the ship before several impacted and killed several of the crew aboard the vessel. As the vessel completed a 180 degree turn to escape the fire, several Rocket Propelled Grenades streaked from the south bank and struck the starboard side igniting a huge fire which slowed the ship down from 15 knots to stationary.


The vessel was now a sitting target which was hit several more times before it finally exploded and sank with the loss of the entire crew.

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With the entry of MLRS Launchers into the area, the Curristan Army could now fight back. With 4 extra MIM-104 Patriot SAM Systems being added to each divisions 6 already in service, the anti air protection against their crudely made rockets would now be more effective.

Earlry morning arrived with the sight of floating wreckage of the vessel that had been sunk yesterday evening. The 6th Divisions 50 MLRS Launchers had been brought up and had taken positions a few miles from the Rio de la Plata.

Without warning, the MLRS Launchers suddenly opened fire. A huge barrage of rockets began landing on the southern bank in a concentrated area opposite Montevideo. This was the first use of them by the Curristan Army in actual combat. At the same time, several vessels carrying vital food for the population began to enter Montevideo. As the vessels began unloading their supplies, the MLRS Launchers ceased firing.

From positions on the northern bank, it was clear that the barrage had killed WLF mortar teams in the fire zone as no retalitating fire came from the southern bank in that area. The vessels however could now not leave in case the WLF decided to retaliate by trying to sink the vessels as they left to head back to Washington.

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With the loss of former Curristan President Kerry Long and 6 others after their executive jet crashed after being hit by World Liberation Front fire over the Rio de la Plata southeast of Montevideo, the recovery effort began. At the crash site, forensic scientists tried to find the remains of the dead without a break.

At the same time they began to piece together of what happened. The aircraft had been on a scheduled flight from Jakirata to Montevideo so Kerry Long could visit the soldiers in the Southern Curristan front. However the aircraft had somehow flown too far south over the Rio de la Plata and didn't realise it was in trouble, until they came under fire from the WLF positions on the southern bank.

The aircraft then took several hits by bullets before a Rocket Propelled Grenade somehow managed to hit the left engine and shattered the fuel lines. The aircraft struggled on before running out of fuel. I then lost height and crashed killing everybody on board.

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With the 2nd Division's entry into the Southern Curristan zone and the 4th Division placed in reserve, the combat strength of the Curristan forces in the area was increased to 5 Divisions. The 9th Division was pulled back to rest and replenish food and ammunition supplies after being hammered by mortar and rocket strikes while trying to protect the shipping entering Montevideo. 2 soldiers had been killed and 25 wounded during their tour of duty.

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07:00 hours

East of Montevideo

As the forward M2 Bradley IFV positions of the Curristan Army stood to, an object streaked through the morning sky before impacting in amongst them. The explosion rocked the vehicles and forced them to give ground. At the same time, more explosions rocked the ground making the supporting infantry retreat to avoid taking casualties. The order was given to fall back.

The WLF assault groups began to land on the northern bank of the Rio de la Plata at 07:20 hours as their mortar crews pounded the Curristan lines. Heavy mortar fire and the M1A1 Abrams MBTs being too far to support the Curristan IFVs and Infantry, allowed the WLF to get a small beachead established. The towns of Minas and Rocha were taken before the Curristan MLRS Launchers were brought in. Their fire halted the WLF offensive and allowed Curristan positions north and west of the towns to be reinforced and prevent a WLF advance on Montevideo. However, the WLF thrust to the coastal town of Chuy had been halted but was in close proximity to the town.


Improvised defensive position near Minas


Curristan soldiers under fire near Chuy

In response to the attack, the Curristan Government brought the 4th Division into the battle zone and ordered all Tomahawk Missile silos to full readiness to attack the WLF rear areas on the southern bank of the Rio de la Plata in the ungoverned zone.

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We have been watching this situation with some concern. If Curristan needs help dealing with these terrorists, we have no problem lending a hand.

*Classified To Promised Land*

We appreciate your offer of help. We are holding the lines and are building up supplies for a counterattack. We feel all the WLFs strength has been transfered into the captured area. What can you offer us?"

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Outside Chuy

08:20 hours

A soldier manning a machine gun position suddenly spotted a fearsome sight. 2 BMP-1 IFVs and 5 T-55 MBTs could be seen advancing towards the town. He immediately raised the alarm. Heavy fire rained down on the WLF armor from all sides. Rocket after rocket was fired at the attacking forces. The firepower that had been brought to bear took a heavy toll on the WLF attack. Both BMP-1 IFVs hadbeen destroyed and the T-55 MBTs forced to retreat. The report of the attack was sent back to Curristan Military High Command.

This new find that the WLF had armor sent shockwaves throughout the Curristan Government. M1A1 Abrams MBTs were brought forward to counter the threat. The WLF armor strength was yet unknown, but now they were ready for it.

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*Classified To Promised Land*

We appreciate your offer of help. We are holding the lines and are building up supplies for a counterattack. We feel all the WLFs strength has been transfered into the captured area. What can you offer us?"


We would be willing to provide more advanced air support, and if you need it, covert operatives.

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