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TAO is joining TIA

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The Arctic Order joins

The Infinity Alliance

I am please to announce, after several days of talks and of meetings, The Arctic Order and The Infinity Alliance will become one. We hope that this move will benefit the tech buying nations of Cybernations.

The AA TAO will be protected by their fmr. protector MHA for two days as described in their EPIC protection agreement. After those two days of transition, the TAO AA will be no longer in use by the current alliance.



President Huffington





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Official Announcement from the Mostly Harmless Alliance

Due to irregularities found during an investigation into the merger of TIA and TAO, the MHA extends its EPIC treaty protection to nations wearing TAO AA indefinitely. More details will be released as evidence comes to light.


The MHA Ministry of Babel Fish (Foreign Ministry)

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Addendum to MHA Announcement

The MHA recognizes the TIA as the official successor state to the TAO. We shall offer protection to nations wearing TAO AA for a further 72 hours until the TAO Protectorate (via the EPIC Agreement) will be considered dissolved.


The MHA Triumvirate

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