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Already 100 days!

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Greetings Cyber-Versica....

It is with great pleasure that I come to you today, to make an announcement full of win and beer... UINE is as of today 100 days old and counting! Its been an awesome jourey for all of us here at UINE and we've all grown alot.

Who would have known, 100 days ago, I founded UINE, we were 2 members with a combined strength of 900NS, a good two weeks of CN experience (lol), no protectors, no idea alliances even had forums or that IRC existed..... Jeez we have come a long way haven't we?

Id also like to take this time to thank my team, without which UINE wouldnt be here today.... Id also like to thank all of the friends we made for all the help they given us.... and last but not least, I'd like to extend a very special thanks to ARES our protectors who taught us everything we know about CN and how its played, thanks alot guys....

I'd like to finish this off by saying that 100 days is only the beggining! Long live UINE, Long live the common sense revolution!



o/ Blunity

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