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Humble Request to the Forces of Evil


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This is a bit of a tradition I have going. Every major war since GW3 has seen one of these postings from me. Normally it involves me going to the bars till some absurd hour of the morning and staggering onto the internet and making a barely coherent drunk posting.

My last one was a request for war volunteers for Hyperion in the GGA vs Hyperion NoCB war. The one before that was a drunken request for the forces of the continuum to attack my poor vanquished nation of Pyeongtaek lead by the immortalized deceased President Jimjilbarf who fell in the line of duty whilst defending a legion of cheerleaders from Continuum cruise missiles.

I won't bore you with the specifics of Jimjilbarf's death, but reports indicate that he died with a smile on his face.

Now this war shall be no exception to my traditional rule of drunken requests. TAKE NOTE FORCES OF EVIL:

I'm only 14k NS, but could someone please find it in their hearts to nuke me? Not even sure if it is possible, but I'd be much obliged if you could make it happen.


Back later I have a some Ol' Grandaddy to finish off.



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oh yeah none of you knew buy CSN is full of masochists we all wanted to be nuked

Im a lucky one and ive gotten three its like chirstmas but better no whips and sitting out in the sno-....anyways....

o7 CSN


o7 being nuked

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Dont worry about not being nukable at 14K NS, i know of a guy who is sitting at 5K NS for months now, and has his MP and is nuking daily in this war.

edit: Jimjilbarf was a much more entertaining and interesting drunk that you are.

Edited by Alfred von Tirpitz
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