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A short, sincere, yet neccessary apology

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No this is not another DoW, yet in my mind is just as valid, if not more so. This is an apology both relating to IC and OOC actions and has been niggling at the back of my mind for some time. This is both an apology for not posting our declaration of war in support of our friends the Poison Clan against The Phoenix Federation by my alliance. I was told that it was not neccessary and I took that advice, this will not happen again I promise and there were no bad intentions ( or intended sneakiness) behind it.

I do not believe this clears my alliances name fully, but it clears my conscience slightly and I wanted to show that these actions were not intentional.

That is all.

Unofficial apology from IS removed.

Edited by Jens of the desert
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Seems like a reasonable apology.

For what it's worth, all of my war declarations can be found in my nation bio. My nation's bio is my OWF. Deal with it, !@#$%*es!

About Yonkers:

Bandwagon Failure has apparently declared war in defense of NPO, despite having no treaty obligations requiring this. Vanguard and ORION are saved from "our" "wrath", however.

<3 Vanguard & ORION

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While late, this is appreciated. It should put to bed a lot of the accusations leveled against the Initiative and other members of the Overlord's Protectorate Pact that there was no valid attack and that the actions of those nations attacking under your alliance affiliation were rogues. Thank you for taking the time to help resolve this matter. As during the times we've spoken, Jens, you've behaved well and in a forthright manner.

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